Business 22 January, 2022

Love has always been considered something sublime, the brightest feeling on earth. And money is something mundane, even dirty in some senses. But nevertheless, the connection and dependence on one another is an indisputable fact. In this review, we will take a closer look at 3 most famous scientific facts that will help us once again make sure about the mutual connection of love and money at all times.

1. Married men earn more money than single men 

Research by the Family Institute over the past 50 years has shown that married men have 20% higher income compared to those who have lived a bachelor all their lives. That is, thereby making marriage very profitable in terms of finances. There are several reasons for this:

⁃ Having a family and children requires more expenses from a man, and, accordingly, encourages him to earn more, get a higher position, and strive to start his own business;

⁃ Taking household duties from a man by his wife. Thus, the breadwinner has more time for work or rest. And just more time to make important decisions and pursue a career.

Of course, all this has to do only with married men. In case of women, it is vice versa. Family and children occupy a lot of women’s time. And in general, a married woman begins to hope for her husband’s earnings and ceases to strive to become more successful in her career. But after the divorce, everything is exactly the opposite. Children stay most often with a woman. Therefore, a woman receives alimony for children, plus her own income.

2. Joint planning of finances in the family makes marriage more reliable and stronger. 

As a rule, money brings positive emotions for almost every person. But there are also negative emotions associated with money: fear of losing it, anxiety, even shame.

But research has shown that sharing financial emotions, even negative ones, can significantly bring married couples closer together. As a rule, when a person shares his worries and fears, he or she subconsciously begins to trust his/her opponent much more. In addition, advice from the outside can save from unnecessary expenses. For example, it is better to jointly decide on what kind of entertainment to spend money on – to buy movies, or on an online casino (https://superboss.com/en-ca). As a result, the family budget is at least risk, partners begin to get to know each other better, understand values and tastes.

The understatement in financial matters of each couple leads to a distorted perception of the behavior of each of the spouses. The thing is that every person believes that he can manage money better than his husband or wife. So 75% of men and 69% of women in the research of the Swedish Institute of Family, answered that they consider themselves the best “money keeper” in their family.

3. Lack of money is the number one reason for divorce and cheating.

According to All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center, lack of money, bankruptcy, credit slavery – these are the 3 main reasons for family divorces in 2021. In the United States, poverty among the reasons for divorce is also in the top three, namely, it is in 2nd place. On the 1st place, it’s still unfaithfulness. For these reasons, psychologists have concluded that the interpretation of poverty as a reason for divorce is disagreement with how the spouse manages the family budget. Any quarrels against the background of money in the family is the first call that this union is moving towards divorce. Therefore, in order to avoid breakups, first of all it is necessary to solve the issue with finances. This does not mean that you need to become richer dramatically. Just start at least jointly discussing your spending and spending-income planning.

Of course, these are not all the facts that can be attributed to the connection of love and money. After all, every person in a relationship, marriage or just in a state of love is certainly affected by this person’s relationship with finances. Therefore, awareness of these truths can help you get to know yourself and each other better.