5 things that have changed with the Subaru Legacy 2018

Avto 14 December, 2017
  • Frédéric Mercier

    Wednesday, 13 December 2017 20:06

    Wednesday, 13 December 2017 20:06

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    Without fanfare, Subaru has made several changes to its Legacy for 2018.

    After spending a week at the wheel, here is what we found.

    Subaru Legacy 2018


    Aesthetic reworked

    The changes to the body of the Legacy do not have anything radical this year, but it is important to emphasize. These include the adoption of a new enlarged grille, and the possibility to opt for LED headlights, which follow the movements of the front wheels.

    It’s all in the details!

    Subaru Legacy 2018


    A interior more inviting

    Taking place on board, it is recognized that additional efforts were put into the finish of the vehicle. Subaru now uses softer materials to the touch that make you forget the look a bit rustic as the Legacy, accused until recently. For a car whose base price is 24 995$, it is not bad at all.

    Subaru Legacy 2018


    A multimedia system that makes sense, finally

    The infotainment system has never been the strength of Subaru. In fact, it has long been his weakness. Fortunately, the latest generation of the system Starlink own to the japanese brand is showing encouraging signs.

    Without necessarily revolutionize anything, Subaru finally offers a faster system and a display that is much easier to see. The compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is now standard.

    It is on the right track, finally.

    Subaru Legacy 2018


    Goodbye, manual transmission

    Sorry, dear purists, but the manual transmission is now a thing of the past for the Legacy. From 2018, all versions of the sedan in japan are equipped with an automatic transmission continuously variable transmission (CVT).

    Despite this change, the same two engines that remain available under the hood. So you have the choice between a four-cylinder engine 2.5-liter (175 horsepower) and a block six-cylinder, 3.6-liter (256 horsepower). The train of wheels integral is, of course, come standard with the Legacy, 2018.

    In a not so distant future, it should not be too surprising to see Subaru drop the six-cylinder engine in favor of a mechanical small-combined with a turbocharger. This is the strategy that the manufacturer has used with the new Ascent, the SUV three-row Subaru.

    This would definitely help the Legacy to achieve fuel consumption ratings that are more reasonable. At this time, it drags the paw to this chapter compared to the competition.

    Subaru Legacy 2018


    A comfort-enhanced

    Once on the road, we feel that efforts have been made to improve the onboard comfort of the Legacy. The suspensions have been reworked to lessen the effects of the countless potholes.

    Subaru stresses also have made efforts to improve the soundproofing on board. Here, however, the Legacy still has some crust to eat. The flat motor, which reigns under the hood is rather noisy and can be heard often growl when the time comes to accelerate.

    Subaru Legacy 2018



    The Subaru Legacy 2018 will revolutionize certainly not the car industry, but it takes many small changes that make a vehicle improved compared to last year.

    Still, in a category where Toyota and Honda offering all-new versions of their tireless Accord and Camry, the Legacy will continue to play a role of extra in the niche market of intermediaries. Except for those who swear by the train full.

    Technical data sheet

    Name: Subaru Legacy 2018
    Base price: 24 995$
    Configuration : four-wheel drive Vehicle with engine at the front

    Engine base: four-cylinder Boxer Engine of 2.5 litre
    Transmission: Automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT)
    Power/torque: 175 hp/ 174 lb-ft
    Fuel consumption announced: 9.3 L/100 km (city) / 7,0 L/100 km (highway)

    Engine optional: Boxer Engine, six-cylinder, 3.6-litre
    Transmission: Automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT)
    Power/torque: 256 hp/ 247 lb-ft
    Fuel consumption announced: 11.9 L/100 km (city) / 8,03 L/100 km (highway)

    Warranty basic: 3 years / 60 000 km
    Competition: Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Fusion