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Techno 1 April, 2018

2018-04-02 00:15

5 very fun facts about IT… I am Sure you will learn a lot!
I recommend to read to everyone.

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Sex and love are not only the causes of children, but also a wide field for research. How do you think associated with the mind and bed records? And why every fourth man tried to satisfy himself orally?

1. Sex makes a person smarter.., reports Rus.Media.

Scientists at the University of Maryland in the USA, together with Konkuk University in South Korea concluded that sex life of mice and rats improves their mental abilities. As a side effect improved mouse memory.

2. …But smart people aren’t having sex.

Adolescents with a higher IQ later become sexually active than their peers with average intelligence. It turns out that jokes about nerds not deprived of the truth. Teenagers with average IQ of that consist of better.

3. Women with high levels of testosterone prefer to use toys.

The University of Michigan interviewed women how often they satisfy themselves and have sex with a partner. The results showed that women with higher testosterone levels prefer to use sex toys, however, at the same time reducing the need to have sex with a partner.

4. Women with wide hips more sexually active.

Thought and thought, and scientists at the University of Leeds have thought to this conclusion: women with hips more than 90 cm are more likely to change partners than lean with coverage of less than 90 cm.

5. Men do not mind to please themselves orally. If I could do it…

All men love oral sex. Probably so that every fourth tried to do it myself.

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