Why the Champions League may break your relationship

Sport 14 December, 2016

You wait for the knockout stages of the Champions League 2016/2017 with patience? Well for guys who are a couple, there is the worry about …

When you’re a guy fan of football, one thing you hope secretly, is that your girl gets off the football as much as you. No more, is not messing around either (and it’s not really possible). But at least she is interested minimum and she understands that when there are matches Champions League , it’s not worth it to provide a movie or a restaurant. Regardless of the date. Yes, we insist on this point: no matter when! Bin yes, a game that does not look at replay, to stop with this argument ladies. As long as you’re supporter of PSG and Barça (or Borussia Dortmund or Benfica, who meet on the same day), you will have the opportunity to test the strength of your relationship rather quickly. To put it simply, the first leg of the knockout round will be played on February 14 (remember the stunned that it’s Valentine’s Day), while the return will take place March 8 (Day of the Women’s Day) .

PSG-Barça or a restaurant with your taste
Coincidence? Certainly, but must admit that on this one then, the draw of UEFA we put it well in reverse. Well, for the day of the woman, did we agree that it was never a reason to go out with his half. And anyway, you refuse to condone such date as you estimate that this does not emphasize the cause of women: “it means that on the other 364 days of the year, women are not important? ” You know well that cliché that happens every time, right? Good for Valentine’s Day, it’s a little more complicated. Because if your girl is not susceptible to the charms of Marco Verratti and Lionel Messi are the odds that it will not forgive you a pizza party on the sofa ‘. In case of victory of your team, you will live not that bad. But the defeat added to the resentment of your girlfriend … You do not pay to see. You will do anything for Valentine’s Day?