A Batmobile spotted on highway 40 in Montreal

Avto 28 July, 2017
  • Germain Goyer

    Thursday, 27 July, 2017 15:30

    Thursday, 27 July, 2017 15:34

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    As he travelled eastbound on the metropolitan expressway, Tonci Zohil saw a Batmobile.

    For the happiness of internet users, it has filmed the scene using his cell phone and shared it on the social networks.

    Driving in the middle lane, the Batmobile has been spotted at the height of the boulevard Viau. Those who are familiar with this area of the city will recognize the place.

    Registered in Ontario, we could read his license plate ” DRKNIGHT “. However, it is not the Batmobile from the movie ” The Dark Night “.

    The one that has been seen in Montreal is, in all likelihood, a replica of the Batmobile from the films of Tim Burton in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

    Confusion? We believe that yes… Not serious. This Batmobile is spectacular and to see it rolling on the 40, it made our day.

    It is not known if Robin was in the passenger seat.

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