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Avto 26 February, 2018
  • Photo courtesy Safari Condo
    Safari Condo introduces the Sprinter LDX, the first short version (19 feet) from an RV of this brand as well as a combined shower-toilet.

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    Sunday, 25 February, 2018 20:43

    Sunday, 25 February, 2018 20:43

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    For the past 20 years, Safari Condo makes recreational vehicles of original design. To listen to its customer, the manufacturer beauceron launches this year the Sprinter LDX, his first short style features a combined shower-toilet.

    Travel by car is good, but travel in the comfort of a recreational vehicle (RV) that is much better. It’s like going to discovery by moving with its own cottage !

    Over the past twenty years, Safari Condo offers a variety of RV class B, which are distinguished by their original design and careful construction. Vehicles which, by their size less imposing, are easy to drive and much less energy intensive than the VR of class A and class C.

    Its current range of about fifteen different models built from the three platforms, with each offering its own advantages : the twins of american design Savana and Express General Motors more affordable ; the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, a vehicle that is so enjoyable to drive, offering the option of a turbo diesel and even an all-wheel drive ; and finally, the Ram ProMaster with front wheel drive that has a floor, ultra-low facilitating access in the cabin. In the margin of these platforms, the manufacturer beauceron also offers a host of options and accessories to customize its VR.

    Some of these cottages on four wheels even have a toilet combined with a shower. But up here, this little luxury was reserved for models long : the Sprinter XL and XL Flex of 22 feet, the ProMaster XL and XL Flex 21′, and the GM LDX 20′. In order to be able to offer these equipment popular to travellers wanting an RV more short, Safari Condo will present to the RV Show 2018 the Sprinter LDX, the first model of 19 ft (short) fitted with a combined shower-toilet.

    Photo courtesy Safari Condo

    The corner-seating located behind the driver’s seat is the location of the combined shower-toilet, a module which transforms in a jiffy.



    The LDX thus offers a double advantage. First, its short length ensures great manoeuvrability, while its chassis to short wheelbase (144-inch rather than the 170 inches of a model 22 feet) gives a turning radius of 47.6 ft surprisingly short. It is 7.2 ft less than a Sprinter 22 ft. Then, added to this is an entire interior, allowing its occupants to be self-sufficient wherever they are in the middle of a glade or at the edge of a beach.

    Its interior is similar to the way a lot of the Sprinter XL Plus. It can accommodate four passengers (there are four seat belts), and allows two or three passengers to sleep. This RV has two bucket seats that can be rotated to the front, a counter top slightly shorter than the XL More with a stove and a sink, a folding bed of 54 inches to the back, a rear table removable and numerous cabinets, promoting the storage. A refrigerator 4.3 pi cubes recessed into the countertop complete the staffing.

    His combined shower-toilet is located behind the driver’s seat, in a space that can also transform into a dining area for four people with the help of a removable table. A space that, by its location, will continue to be usable for one or the other of these two functions, even when the bed at the rear, is installed.

    In addition, transforming this corner-seating in the shower or in the toilet is done in a jiffy. You need to deploy the curtains tight and removable small panels foldable serving folder to the seat of the corner-dinette. This vehicle has a tank dedicated to the toilet. There is also a potable water tank of 100 litres and a tank of gray water, 90 L.

    Unlike a closet classic shower-toilet, this original layout does not reduce the glazing of the RV. Like other models, Safari Condo, the LDX has a generous windows, which helps to illuminate its interior while exposing its passengers to the beautiful panoramas that are sometimes discovered with the wire of the kilometers.

    The high roof Sprinter is another undeniable quality of this vehicle. The vertical clearance important it gives the interior allows all its occupants to move freely without ever having to look.

    Photo courtesy Safari Condo

    Like the other models, Safari Condo, the Sprinter LDX enjoys a glazing generous that illuminates the interior and allows you to admire the places where we stop.



    The Sprinter is powered by a turbo diesel engine BlueTec coupled to a gearbox 5 speed automatic. This V6, 3.0 L produces 188 hp and 325 lb-ft is plenty of torque for effective towing of a load up to 2268 kg (5000 lb). It is the towing capacity of the most important of all VR offered by Safari Condo. Models 20 and 21 feet built on the platforms of the ProMaster and twin Express/Savana GM are limited to a towing capacity of 1590 kg (2500 lb).

    In addition, this V6 among the engine’s most efficient for this kind of vehicle. An average consumption of about 11 L/100 km is possible, which turns out to be much more attractive than the average score of about 15 L/100 km of vans from GM.

    The 4×4 version of the Sprinter likely that there will be a lot of attraction among the travelers with more daring. Although this system does not make the Sprinter an all-terrain pure and hard, his fund is nevertheless elevated to 110 mm (4.3 inches) at the front and 80 mm (3.1 in) at the rear to increase the ground clearance. In addition, its ability to move up the coast would be about 20 % superior to that of a Sprinter with rear-wheel drive, ” says Mercedes. Finally, this train full adds only 120 kg (265 lb) to the weight of the vehicle.

    This “on demand” system is activated by pressing a button located on the dashboard. The engine torque is then distributed between the front and rear axles according to the report 35/65. The electronic traction system 4ETS takes over after that to distribute the torque according to the needs of the moment, without requiring driver intervention. To give more latitude to the Sprinter 4×4, it is possible to equip it with a “low-range” optional. This system reduces the transmission ratio of 42 %, which greatly increases the traction of the vehicle in case of need.

    Mercedes also offers the Sprinter with a wide range of devices and driver assistance, including, among other things, a system warning of risk of collision, an obstacle detector in the blind spot and lights automatic route. Systems that could prove to be reassuring and convenient for travelers traveling long distances.

    The Alto of the great outdoors

    Photo courtesy Safari Condo

    New trailer Alto F2114 of Safari Condo.


    Safari Condo does not build that motor vehicle. Since more than 15 years, this company also manufactures trailers ultralight called Alto. It recognizes one of these trailers 17 ft retractable roof or fixed to their aerodynamic shape is so pronounced and their glazing generous.

    However, visitors to the RV Show 2018 will be able to discover a new feature of this range of products : F2114, first Alto of 21 ft. Dubbed the Alto of the great outdoors by its manufacturer, it aims for a clientele looking for a spacious interior and generous cupboards.

    Designed for four passengers, it has, at the rear, two single beds convertible in king size bed (76 x 81″) and, at the front, a dinette convertible to a bed “queen” (60 x81″). The manufacturer has also equipped with a cabinet shower-enclosed toilet and a closet. Weighing 1069 kg (2356 lbs), it can be towed by most small SUV’s.

    Available from 40 495 $, the Alto F2114 will be featured at the Salon du VR de Montréal presented at the Palais des congrès, from 1 to 4 march, and then at the Quebec city RV Show, which will take place at Centre de foires Expocité, from 22 to 25 march.

    Safari Condo Sprinter LDX

    Base price

    102 995 $.


    V6 DOHC, 3.0 L, 188 hp, 325 lb-ft at 1400 rpm. Gearbox 5 speed automatic. Rear-wheel drive or 4×4.


    independent suspension to the front wheels, independent rear or solid axle ; brakes four-wheel disc ; anti-lock braking system standard ; tires LT245/75R16, LT215/85R16.


    Wheelbase : 3660 mm, length : 5900 mm ; width : 2430 mm ; height : 2950 mm. Weight : N / a Volume of fuel tank : 93 litres. Average consumption (test ; PVA) : approximately 11 L/100 km.


    New-West Liberty, New-West Evazion, Pleasure-Way Ascent, Pleasure-Way, Plateau, Roadtrek Adventurous, Roadtrek Simplicity, Roadtrek E-trek-Roadtrek Agile, Winnebago Touring Coach, Era, Winnebago Touring Coach Revel


    • Interior finish is neat
    • Development practice
    • Fun-to-drive
    • Low power consumption