A Dab Kit: Why Should You Buy One? 

News 28 July, 2022

A bong and a dab rig look almost similar from the outside. An inexperienced user would easily mistake one for the other. However, the main difference lies in the product you smoke inside.

Unlike bongs, where you inhale the smoke from the mouthpiece after lighting the flower with a torch, in a rig, you heat the nail using a butane lighter. You then consume the vapor rising from the concentrate (concentrates refer to substances that contain the most potent parts of the marijuana plant).

But to use a rig, you must buy a dab kit containing essential items like tools, torches, carb caps, and silicon containers. Without them, your smoking experience will remain incomplete.

Before buying a bundle, you might have several questions in your mind, for example, what are the accessories contained inside it? What is the size of the main water pipe, and what material is it made from?

Get the answers to those questions and other related details below:

Why should you buy a kit?

Missing even one of the items necessary for dabbing takes the joy out of an inhaling session. Many times, you might find yourself needing to replace a particular part of the device or may need to buy a new one when you don’t have it.

A dab bundle provides all the essential items in one place. It is highly convenient and provides you with everything you need for a dabbing session by yourself or your friends.

Things that a kit should have

You should buy your dab bundle from a reputed company or website that supplies the necessary accessories, tools, etc. The following are some things that it should have:

Dab rig

It is the primary part of the package. Although rigs come in different sizes, it is better to go with those measuring six inches in height, five inches in length, and weighing 16 ounces.

A water pipe of such dimensions makes it highly portable, allowing you to carry it wherever you go. If you are new to dabbing, the device’s size will not intimidate you.

Some companies also offer a convertible rig, which you can convert into a bong by removing the attached banger nail. However, remove the quartz nail only when it’s cool.

Butane lighter

A butane lighter works best for condensates rather than a propane one because it can reach high temperatures without affecting the structural integrity of the condensate or shatter placed inside the nail.

It is better if the lighter has a refillable tank in case you run out of gas.

Silicone tray

You should always store your condensates or wax inside a silicone container since it is durable, delays the breakdown process of the shatter, and is easy to use. Silicone also protects your substance from heat, light, and air.

Further, it is resistant to heat and damage and has non-stick properties.

Dab tools

These are indispensable for transferring the cannabis extracts from the container into the nail. The best are stainless steel ones because they are heat and damage resistant. You should avoid using your hands to handle the extract because it is messy, sticky, and sensitive.

A dab kit is a must-have if you want to enjoy repeated dabbing sessions by yourself or with friends. It gives you the necessary tools and accessories in one place, removing the need to buy them separately.