A first generation iPod is as expensive as a BMW 7 Series!

Techno 23 February, 2017

Apple has accustomed us to swing rather expensive products but, the price this prototype iPod first generation exceeds the understanding. It is as expensive as a BMW 7 Series, just that!
Some Apple addict used to resell the headed products at exorbitant prices, as was seen with these iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in gold, with the image of Trump or Putin . But this first generation iPod prototype is really overpriced. If by chance you won at EuroMillions and you do not know what to do with your sorrel, it is obvious that you can afford to shopper this iPod which is as expensive as the BMW 7 Series of your dreams . Good, truce of blabla, prepare calmly to discover a sum with five figures.
94,000 euros is the price asked by a reseller on eBay for this gadget that will please the purists. It is still expensive to pay for this prototype iPod dating from 2002. But if you want to impress everyone with this vintage product, you will also have to add a few euros for the travel expenses . Alternatively, you can take a ticket to the States and take a tour of the futuristic campus of the Cupertino firm, called Apple Park. And it’s probably much more rewarding …