A-Jays Four +: Complete test of the best intra-auriculars to less than 100 euros!

Techno 22 June, 2017

Launched four years ago, the a-Jays Four + were remade a beauty. But can the new in-ear Jays boast of having the best price / quality ratio on the market? Answers in this complete test.
The Swedish Jays regale us. After removing the cable from its u-Jays, the manufacturer decided to refresh its a-Jays Four + . These new intra-auriculars promise better ergonomics than their big brother and above all, a better sound quality. If it is difficult to see aesthetic changes on these new in-ear, it is easy to realize that the cable of the a-Jays Four + is less rigid , which would ensure a better lifetime to earphones. But to stand out, the a-Jays Four + also have other advantages.
On the comfort side, the a-Jays Four + send heavy. Very light, they are easily forgotten in our ears. And if their format can also disturb the smallest and most sensitive ears, I want to say that is always the case with intra-auriculars. To finish with the ergonomics of these headphones, one can be interested in their remote control. More efficient and better finished, the latter offers all the commands you can dream of . But it’s probably audio level that the a-Jays Four + will put everyone in agreement.
The a-Jays Four + emphasize the bass and frankly, it sends heavy. And thanks to their passive isolation, you can enjoy music even in transportation. Which is pretty cool for the price of these intra-auriculars that are marketed, on average, under 65 euros. The sound is warm not to say that it tutoie perfection. But if I’m in love with these a-Jays Four +, I can also find them faults. I regret that their cables make as much noise in each of my movements. All in all, the a-Jays Four + have one of the best quality / price ratios on the market . If you want to shopper them, it’s by HERE that it happens.