A love story that lasts since 35 years

Art 14 July, 2017
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    Training Iron Maiden will visit Quebec for the 18th time on Sunday in the Centre Videotron.

    Yves Leclerc

    Friday, 14 July, 2017 01:26

    Friday, 14 July, 2017 01:26

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    Iron Maiden certainly holds the record for the most number of shows in Quebec city for a metal band, with 17 services. The close relationship between the uk training and the Old Capital will continue Sunday in a Centre Vidéotron, which will be filled to its maximum capacity.

    The love story began, 35 years ago, on June 25, 1982, at the Colisée in Quebec city.

    After a first visit to the Club, Montreal, in 1981, during the world tour Killer, the uk training, outcome of the movement new wave of British heavy metal, is back with a new singer, a new album and a series of 184 concerts.

    The promoter and producer Michel Brazeau throws the dice. It shows its interest for this tour titled The Beast on The Road.

    We look at it in quite a funny way when he manifest his intention to present the young training in the temple of the Nordic.

    “The group was not a theatre of this size during this tour of North America. He was of the clubs and rooms that can accommodate 500 to 1000 people. Everyone treated me crazy, but the album The Number of The Beast was hot and had very good market at Quebec. It was a success “, he told during an interview.


    Michel Brazeau recalls that he had had to rent crates and additional lighting. The training did not drag out as much equipment on the road.

    “The members of Maiden were very surprised to occur in an arena in Quebec city. This was the beginning of a long love story “, he added.

    A bet that the promoter won, when 6200 spectators to show up at the Coliseum to discover the immense talent of this young squad from the district of Leyton in London. The price of a ticket, in the lodges, was 10.50 $.

    The music, the charisma of Dickinson and the infectious energy and contagious by bassist Steve Harris, who runs around and sings all the words to the songs, helped them win the public of Quebec.

    File Photo, Yves Leclerc

    Steve Harris, the bassist of the band Iron Maiden, during an autograph session at Lévis in 1982.

    Session signatures in Lévis

    Maiden had launched the evening with the pieces Murders in the Rue Morgue, Killers, and Run to the Hills, and it was completed with the Sanctuary, Drifter, Running Free and Prowler recalls.

    “If he had come 1000 or 1500 spectators, it would have been the end of my career. My bank manager, who was very open, I would have spent money “, he started laughing.

    A few hours before mounting on the boards, Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Clive Burr had participated in a session of signatures at a record store Galeries Chagnon in Lévis.

    File Photo, Yves Leclerc

    Dave Murray, guitarist of the band Iron Maiden.

    A meeting that started late and which had been moved in another room, in order to avoid that the fans stormed the shop.

    Michel Langevin, drummer of Voivod, is a fan of the first hour.

    “The first album of Iron Maiden is my favorite album of all time,” he remarked, in an interview, adding that Killers, was not very far into his list and that he had attended the first show of the group at the Club Montreal in 1981.

    Iron Maiden occurs Sunday at 19: 30 at the Centre Videotron. Training Swedish Ghost occurs in the first part.