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Art 28 February, 2020

One of the best gifts I ever gave the grandparents of my children is a photo collage of my three sons. It captures in imagery, the story of their early years. It was created in a time before digital cameras, cellphone cameras, and the Internet. I spent hours searching for photographs that, firstly, were representative of each of my sons and secondly, ones I could cut to fit into the collage I was creating.

No need to do what I did though. There are now far easier ways to capture and preserve photographic memories.

At you can create personalized photo books by uploading photographs highlighting your cherished memories. You can create your own wedding album, a year in review book showing a year in the life of your family, one showcasing your latest travels or a family timeline with a book of photos from Christmases past.

Creating a photo book as a gift is another option. For the high school graduate-to-be, compile a photo book highlighting their important milestones. Preserve grandma’s treasured recipes along with photographs and make multiple copies to share with all the grandchildren. If you’re having a family reunion, plan on taking photos for a book commemorating the event. Then, make multiple copies so it can be given to and enjoyed by family members in attendance and those who were unable to attend.

A high school yearbook, a kindergarten book of memories, a book about your baseball team’s season – the possibilities are endless.

Apart from personal types of photo books, entrepreneurs and businesses have used to create portfolios, business profiles, and photo books highlighting business specialties. Just imagine being able to put together a photo book showing the hairstyles your hairdressers can create, the designs your architects or interior decorators have designed, or one showcasing the magical settings you, as an event planner has conceived and created.

One of the best things about creating a photo book on is how easy it is to do. There are hundreds of themed templates to choose from and all can be customized. You can add text to any or all pages or choose to let the photographs stand alone to tell the story. Alternately, you can start with a blank book and use your own ideas to design pages that are a reflection of your personality and tastes.

Once you’ve decided on the shape of the book and the page layout, you are ready to select and drop your photographs into place. If desired, you can add design elements such as borders, scroll art, hearts or starbursts. There’s no need to worry about completing your book in one sitting either. Your work can be easily saved for completion at another time.

It really is very simple to create your own photo book at but should you have any difficulties you can readily get answers. The site features a frequently asked questions page or you can connect with customer service personnel who are more than happy to assist you.

Your photo book story is just waiting to be told. Why not create it now?