Your Essential Guide to Choosing the Best Bathroom Vanity for Your Bathroom

Art 20 May, 2020

There’s no doubt that compared to the other rooms or spaces in your home, your bathroom will usually be one of the smallest. This means that you want to make the most of the limited space of your bathroom and make sure that everything essential can fit into it without cramping the space. And this will include the bathroom vanity. But choosing a bathroom vanity can be a tricky matter—you have to choose one that goes well with your bathroom’s design and theme, and you also have to make sure that it fulfils its proper function. Here is your essential guide to selecting the best bathroom vanity for your bathroom.

· Think about who will use it

The first step is to think about who will use it. Aside from this, you have to think about how they will be using it. For instance, if it is for a master bath and you would like you and your partner to have individual sinks or basins, then you might want a vanity that features a double basin. If you are the only one using your bathroom, it follows that you only need a one-basin vanity. But how you are planning to use your bathroom vanity can make a difference as well. If you like to style your hair and groom yourself in the bathroom, it would make sense to choose bathroom vanity cabinets with large counter spaces along with more storage areas to accommodate your necessities.

· Consider your bathroom’s plumbing

Of course, another consideration is your bathroom’s plumbing so you know exactly where your bathroom vanity can go. If you have to make changes to your bathroom’s plumbing system, keep in mind that it will cost extra time, effort, and money, so if you want to be more economical and practical, figure out your bathroom’s plumbing before you choose a vanity design. Your bathroom’s plumbing will also affect the style of your bathroom vanity. For instance, if you want a vanity mounted on the wall, you may have to remove the hookups for the plumbing on your existing basin, but if you want a floor-mounted one, the typical layout will often suffice.

· Determine obstacles, if any

While you can always change the design of your bathroom if you really want to, other elements are not that easy to fix. The walls and doors can’t be easily reconfigured, for example, and they can limit the place where you can install your bathroom vanity. When you are thinking of the placement of your bathroom vanity, determine any obstacles, such as the door. If the door to your bathroom is designed to swing inward, it may hit the bathroom vanity, which is not only annoying but also inefficient.

Think about the shower, too. Do you have a shower door rather than shower curtains? Then think about where the door swings as well. The toilet is another consideration; do you want your bathroom vanity beside it, in front of it, or far from it? Are you risking bumping into your bathroom vanity every time you use the toilet? Lastly, consider the traffic flow. Your bathroom vanity shouldn’t make your bathroom feel like an obstacle course every single time you are in it, so bear this in mind, too. Once you have thought of all these elements, it will be easier to make your choice, so think carefully, and choose well!