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Techno 31 March, 2018

2018-03-31 18:32

A new hypothesis of the origin of the moon
Recent years, scientists believed that the Moon was formed as a result of the collision They, protoplanetary body, with the “germ” of the Earth.

In the article, scientists reported that Sonesta as a new form of planetary bodies have been proposed in the past 2017, North American physicists Simon Locke and Sarah Stewart . According to her , the proto-Earth was spinning so fast that she was not like a ball , and flattened ” the dragonfly “, which committed one turnover in just two hours while lying on her side . But inside it was quite possible the formation of other celestial bodies .

“This idea explains the unusual features of the Month , which are impossible to reproduce using the current theory of its birth.” Before that it was believed that the Moon was the result of the collision of Earth and another planet about 4. 5 billion years ago . Using significant force of gravity, the Month would have collapsed into fragments , they could cause the Blue planet serious damage .”

“Our theory begins with the collision that will create snasty “.

There are many theories of the origin of an artificial satellite of the Earth , but the best known is the model of the shock formation .

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