A Quebec the onslaught of the dunes of Morocco

Avto 9 March, 2018
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    Frédéric Mercier

    Friday, 9 march 2018 07:16

    Friday, 9 march 2018 07:16

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    The least we can say is that Stephanie Perusse the merit, its place in the famous rallye Aïcha des Gazelles.

    After a first participation challenging in 2017, where she had to deal with a change of co-pilot at the last minute and problems with the transport of his vehicle, the edition 2018 is not going to be more relaxing for the driver of quebec.

    Once again this year, Stephanie Perusse had to find a new co-pilot just a few days before his departure for Morocco, which is scheduled for 15 march. “My co-pilot initial, a French, was supposed to join me to Marrakech, but it is torn the shoulder last week”, drop the pilot, who has thus had to find a new partner a few days notice for a second year in a row.



    “I don’t know what’s happening, it looks like I’m doing the rally before the rally!”, comments on the Quebec, with a sense of humor.

    Fortunately, she knows now a lot of people in the entourage of the rally and the replacement was not too complex. His new sidekick, Anne-Marie Borg, is a veteran of the event. “I didn’t choose at random,” says Stephanie Perusse.

    As for the vehicle, it is the Toyota FJ Cruiser of the first officer initial and it will take you Stéphanie and Anne-Marie in the most remote corners of Morocco.

    The bar is high

    Daughter of the canadian champion rally Jean-Paul Perusse, Stephanie Perusse has certainly retained some genes of his father.

    Last year, despite the challenges, the Quebec and his co-pilot have still managed quite a feat in amount on the third step of the podium at the rallye des Gazelles.

    Can it climb even higher this year? “It is certain that this is the goal. The two, we aim for the victory”, says Stephanie Perusse. The driver, however, remains cautious, because a simple mechanical breakdown could come and change everything. “One is never free of it, then I’ll take the rally one day at a time, exactly as I did last year.”



    A rally become a tradition

    This edition 2018 represents a 28th held for the Rally feminine Aïcha des Gazelles.

    Unlike most rallies, this one does not win in time, but in kilometers. The team crossing the shorter distance will be crowned the winner at the end of this long event for a period of two weeks.

    The competitors must achieve marks in the middle of the desert without the aid of modern technology. A compass, a ruler and a simple map topographic are their only tools to reach the tags that we impose on them.

    As Stephanie Perusse, five other Quebec will take part in the competition this year. In total, no less than 330 participants from around the world will travel to Morocco to try to win the honors.