A Subaru plug-in hybrid as early as this year

Avto 11 February, 2018
  • Germain Goyer

    Friday, 9 February 2018 14:41

    Friday, 9 February 2018 14:41

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    Everything seems to indicate that Subaru will borrow this year is going green by introducing a plug-in hybrid in its catalog.

    Recall that the japanese manufacturer had proposed a Crosstrek hybrid from 2013 and it had been anything but a success.

    There, we learn about Autoblog that Subaru is committed to working with Toyota with marketing a plug-in hybrid. The site american advance in suggesting that it might be the Crosstrek or the Forester.

    According to this source, this Subaru plug-in hybrid uses the components of the Prius Premium. If this were the case, one would find a battery, lithium-ion batteries of 8.8 kWh. In the case of the Prius Premium, it can travel up to 40 kilometres in all-electric mode.

    Subaru Crosstrek 2018

    It is however believe that the flat motor, a trademark of Subaru, will remain all the same.

    Note that this collaboration between these two constructors is quite natural, since Toyota owns 16.5% of the shares of Subaru. Let us remember that it is not the first time that these manufacturers have been a team since the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 (Scion FRS) have been developed jointly.

    For the moment, let us note that the all-new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV plays alone in the niche market of sport utility vehicles (SUV) plug-in hybrids affordable.

    It is still too early to know if it will be sold in Canada.

    Subaru Crosstrek 2018