After the Galaxy Note 7, you will soon no longer be able to use your iPad or MacBook in a plane!

Techno 27 March, 2017

If you usually use your MacBook, iPad or other laptops, tablets in the cabin of an airplane, you will probably be disillusioned. After the Galaxy Note 7, anything bigger than an iPhone 7 Plus could disappear from the cabins.
In 2017, you really have to hurry to catch the plane. Since March 21, the United States and Great Britain have forbidden the use of laptop computers and tablets in the cabin of airline planes destined for their country and from certain Arab countries and Turkey . And of course, both administrations have invoked a risk of “terrorist” attacks . But this decision should not make the happiness of businessmen … and not that they. If you are lucky enough to fly often, you’re used to using your MacBook or iPad (the new 9.7-inch version is cheaper than expected) to watch clips or a series.
In the eyes of the Americans and the English, the problem is not really at the level of the terminal itself. The real problem is that this electronic device can be used to conceal explosive devices without being detected by airport security systems. If the United States and Great Britain have already applied this decision, other European countries, notably France, would be thinking about it. But for the time being, no decision has been taken at the level of the European Aviation Safety Agency. One thing is for sure, the future of tablets and laptops in aircraft cabins is dotted. Until then, you can discover our 3 good reasons to shopper a Galaxy Tab S3.