Tablets, pens … Will they make us zap the paper and the pen?

Today, the pen has taken on a phenomenal importance in our use of digital. The end of the pen ... Myth or reality?
New technologies are flying. ...

23 June, 2017
Apple: Unicode 10.0 comes with 56 new emojis!

Good news for the fans of smileys: Apple should be endowed with 56 new emojis coming from Unicode 10.0!
This is one of the news that will please ...

21 June, 2017
The iPad used to make the cover of the magazine “The New Yorker”

The newspaper "New Yorker" recidivates and uses an iPad to realize its last cover. The result is amazing!
It is a hell of a publicity for Apple's ...

27 May, 2017
Samsung becomes leader in the tablet market, the iPad no longer has the monopoly!

Samsung surpasses Apple and becomes world leader on tablets. Sales of the Apple iPad that dominated the market are in free fall ...
Samsung weighs ...

23 May, 2017
IPad mini: What if Apple stopped producing the tablet?

The future of the iPad mini seems uncertain at Apple. The Cupertino firm should even stop production of the smallest tablet in the range according to ...

17 May, 2017
IPad, external battery, speaker … The 5 essential for a weekend between buddies!

The sun begins to lay down its luggage. And who says good weather says weekend between bros. Between the iPad, the speaker and the battery, here are ...

1 May, 2017
IPad 2017: 15 days to test the new Apple tablet, my verdict!

Apple launched, a few weeks ago, its cheapest tablet. This is the iPad 2017. I tested it and here is my verdict.
La Pomme never ceases to surprise ...

21 April, 2017
Apple: What if the iPhone made you zapper your MacBook for good?

If the iPad was announced as the replacement for the Apple Mac, the iPhone 7 Plus now has nothing to envy the 12-inch MacBook. So, does the headset ...

20 April, 2017
Apple: What if the iPhone made you zapper your MacBook for good?

If the iPad was announced as the replacement for the Apple Mac, the iPhone 7 Plus now has nothing to envy the 12-inch MacBook. So, does the headset ...

19 April, 2017
MacBook, iPhone, iPad … Here’s how to insert an emoji quickly from your keyboard

The emojis are everywhere. Today, nearly 2000 emojis are available. And here's a trick to insert them quickly from your iPhone, iPad or MacBook ...

18 April, 2017
I tested the Bose QC 30, the kings of earphones for iPhone and iPad!

The Bose QuietControl 30 headphones made my ears happy. After an easy pairing on the iPhone 7 and / or the MacBook Pro 2016, I was able to test the ...

13 April, 2017
IPad 2017: 3 reasons to buy the cheapest tablet from Apple

The first iPad 2017 will impress you. Apple's new tablet is full of fun features. And here are 3 things that will push you to shopper the last headed ...

12 April, 2017
After the Galaxy Note 7, you will soon no longer be able to use your iPad or MacBook in a plane!

If you usually use your MacBook, iPad or other laptops, tablets in the cabin of an airplane, you will probably be disillusioned. After the Galaxy ...

27 March, 2017
MacBook: What if it merged with the iPhone and iPad?

Apple has plenty of plans for the future! Its concept of MacBook integrating an iPhone as a trackpad and an iPad as a screen is proof.
Last ...

24 March, 2017
IPad 9.7 inches: What differences with the iPad Air 2?

The iPad 9.7 inches was revealed yesterday by Apple. But what differences does this small price tablet have with its predecessor the iPad Air 2?

22 March, 2017
Apple: Will it relaunch its sales of tablets with the iPad 9.7 inches?

Will Apple be able to boost sales of its tablets with the iPad 9.7 inches? Everything seems possible for the American firm!
For many years, tablet ...

22 March, 2017
IPad: The new models presented as of next week?

Is the date of the Keynote for the month of March clear? In any case, what the last sounds of hallways suppose ... We tell you everything! ...

14 March, 2017
IPhone, iPad … Apple ready to go to the 4K!

Is Apple ready to switch to 4K? This is what recent rumors suggest. And with a premium compatibility for the next iPad and iPhone.
Apple may soon ...

10 March, 2017
IPad: Tim Cook “We have some interesting things to come for the tablet”

For those who already imagine the disappearance of the iPad, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook wanted to make things clear: interesting things are coming for ...

20 February, 2017
IPad: Despite a drop in sales, it remains number 1

It is a fact: the tablets do not work as much as before. Despite this, the iPad remains at the top and number 1 of sales against its competitors! ...

10 February, 2017
IPad: Turn your tablet into a Nintendo Switch!

With this small accessory, you can transform your iPad into Nintendo Switch. MeltyStyle explains everything!
Despite the democratization and the ...

31 January, 2017
Apple, Samsung, Huawei: Which brand is the big winner of this 2016 Christmas?

The iPhone and iPad Apple made a cardboard Christmas. The American giant is followed closely by Samsung and Huawei, its main rivals in the market. ...

28 December, 2016