IPad Pro 10.5 “: Test the Smart Keyboard, a keyboard that promises the experience of inputting a MacBook

Techno 26 June, 2017

Launched with the first iPad Pro of 12.9 inches, the Smart Keyboard is back in its version AZERTY with the new iPad Pro of 10.5 “I tested it, and here is my verdict!
That says new iPad Pro, says new Smart Keyboard. Apple has taken advantage of the launch of its new tablets to unveil new keyboards. And at a time when these lines are written, this headed product has very little competition, apart from the Logitech Slim Combo which also relies on the Smart Connector to be plugged into the new iPad Pro . Iteration of the Smart Cover, the Smart Keyboard offers a cover capable of protecting the screen of your iPad, while offering you several positions of supports for your tablet. But does the Smart Keyboard really offer the same input experience as a MacBook? Answers in the next lines of my test.
What surprised me first is the thinness and lightness of the Smart Keyboard. Once connected with the iPad Pro 10.5 “I recently tested , I ended up with a kind of hybrid laptop … a bit like what Microsoft does with its Surface Pro. Not to say that the Smart Keyboard does not require a time of adaptation.I personally needed an hour before I felt comfortable with its format dedicated to the iPad Pro 10.5 “and its coating A bit special . Unlike most of its competitors, the Smart Keyboard does not offer Apple keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS or iOS. What prompted me to resort to Siri to change the volume, Access the media player or enable multitasking. This is a bit of a shame because it removes a bit the “Smart” side of this Apple keyboard.
If it does not offer protection for the back of the tablet Apple (for this, it will cost 149 euros to Apple to obtain the leather case that offers storage for Apple Pencil), Smart Keyboard has the advantage of being foldable. But its soft keys that do not benefit from backlighting make the Smart Keyboard not one of the best keyboards . This is quite frustrating when you know the quality of the keyboards for MacBook and the importance of this accessory for the iPad Pro.