Apple: Will it relaunch its sales of tablets with the iPad 9.7 inches?

Techno 22 March, 2017

Will Apple be able to boost sales of its tablets with the iPad 9.7 inches? Everything seems possible for the American firm!
For many years, tablet sales have been falling. However, the iPad of Apple is positioned among the best sales despite a fall and the firm plans to slow down the latter with its new tablet. But then this 9.7 inch iPad at low price will it relaunch the sales of the manufacturer ? To do this, you have to look at the new features offered by the tablet to users. The number one argument is its price: 329 dollars for the iPad 9.7 inches against 499 euros to its launch for the iPad Air 2. An accessible price that could allow to dispose much more stocks. A revolution on the part of a manufacturer whose catalog is often premium .
At the storage level, the firm also decided to make an effort by offering 32 GB of base against 16 GB previously. You too must have known the famous saturated storage on Apple products whose memory can not be extended by microSD as its competitors Android. Four years ago, the apple sold 71 million tablets compared to 45.59 million tablets this year : so much so that unless you propose a revolutionary product and cheaper, saving the latter will be very complicated. It remains to be seen if the argument of the mini price will convince the fans of Apple (who would also make AirPods a future health assistant ) face smartphones very easily replace a tablet. Do you think the iPad can be “saved”?