IPad 9.7 inches: What differences with the iPad Air 2?

Techno 22 March, 2017

The iPad 9.7 inches was revealed yesterday by Apple. But what differences does this small price tablet have with its predecessor the iPad Air 2?
The 9.7-inch iPad offers a lot of new features and could boost sales of Apple tablets . But then what differences with one of the previous models stars, the iPad Air 2 ? First of all, the new iPad has an A9 chip as opposed to its older brother who owned an A8X chip. The promise of better performance for those who would go on the side of this new low-cost iPad . Despite a screen the same size for the iPad Air Pro 2 and the iPad 9.7 inches, the latter is much heavier and thick (6.1mm against 7.5mm and 32 grams in addition). A very slight difference, but which can still be crucial for the most looking.
The biggest difference between the two is still the price. The 9.7-inch iPad will be more low-cost with a starting price of 409 euros for 32 GB in Wi-Fi version. Its equivalent on the iPad Air 2 costs 70 euros more. A good way to get a powerful tablet without breaking the bank before Apple goes to 4K screens . To finish on similarities, the iPad 9.7 inches also has the Touch ID, the Apple Pay, a design specific to Apple iPad etc. In short, if you give up for this model, you will not be really disoriented! Apple should succeed with its new strategy to increase sales of its product whose numbers are only declining over the years.