Nokia 3310: After Colette, the phone arrives at SFR exclusively!

A small part of Snake, is that tempting you? Marketed for a few weeks at Colette, the Nokia 3310 made its appearance at SFR before arriving at the ...

2 June, 2017
No iPhone, Life BlackBerry … 3 good reasons to buy the BlackBerry KEYONE, open letter to Damso!

Dear Damso, I know you're a fan of BlackBerry phones and the iPhone is not your cam. In the editing, we think you're going to kiffer the new KEYONE. ...

26 May, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S8: Where to buy them on sale?

If you are a fan of Samsung smartphones, you probably want to shopper the Galaxy S8 or, the Galaxy S7 at a small price. So, meltyStyle offers you a ...

3 May, 2017
Huawei P10, Samsung Galaxy S8: No need to complain, if you are a compulsive buyer!

The recent bugs of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Huawei P10 prove that it is useless to be a compulsive buyer on the planet of smartphones.
Being a ...

2 May, 2017
Sony Xperia XA1: Camera, battery life, performance … Our complete smartphone test

Presented at the MWC 2017, the Sony Xperia XA1 is a smartphone as elegant as the Xperia XZ Premium. We tested it for a week and here are our ...

2 May, 2017
IPhone SE: Where to shopper under 350 euros in mid-April?

The iPhone SE is becoming less and less expensive. The small smartphone of Apple passed under the bar of 350 euros at an e-commerce site.
The ...

13 April, 2017
Finally, AirPods are available in some Apple Store in Ile-de-France

The AirPods are finally available for purchase. You can shopper the Apple wireless headphones in different Apple in Paris and in its region.
After ...

10 April, 2017
Angelina Jolie ready for a new life without Brad Pitt? The gesture that does not deceive!

It's time for change for Angelina Jolie! The actress is now ready to start her new life without Brad Pitt. The proof in photos ...
After having ...

3 April, 2017
The MacBook Pro 2016 15 “with Touch Bar is available at a low price on the refurb

Good news: the MacBook Pro 2016 15 "with Touch Bar has just landed on the refurb and with it, a big drop in price!
Want to shoot a MacBook Pro ...

30 March, 2017
IPad 9.7 inches: What differences with the iPad Air 2?

The iPad 9.7 inches was revealed yesterday by Apple. But what differences does this small price tablet have with its predecessor the iPad Air 2?

22 March, 2017
Apple Watch: The color Steel 38mm White available at the best price!

The Apple Watch offers a small promotion by proposing its version Steel 38mm White at the best price!
The watches connected cartonent always so ...

1 March, 2017
Apple Watch: Less than 300 euros on FNAC!

An Apple Watch without breaking the bank? It is possible with this offer to less than 300 euros on the FNAC!
Watches connected are becoming more and ...

9 February, 2017
IPad: Turn your tablet into a Nintendo Switch!

With this small accessory, you can transform your iPad into Nintendo Switch. MeltyStyle explains everything!
Despite the democratization and the ...

31 January, 2017
Good Plan: The Apple Watch in stainless steel at reduced price

Looking to have something else on your wrist than a traditional watch? The Apple Watch is currently on promotion!
The future is connected objects, ...

18 December, 2016
Google Pixel: How to buy in Canada?

You want to buy Google Pixel at all costs? There are several ways to get the phone in Canada!
While Google Pixel proves the best competitor to the ...

16 December, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7: The phone dropped below 500 euros thanks to this reduction

Want to nab the Samsung Galaxy S7? Good news: the phone is back below the 500 euros!

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S7, it's a bit like a ...

16 December, 2016
Best: The Honor 5C is on promotion!

A smartphone cheap and quality, impossible? The Honor 5C is discounted and you prove otherwise!
We always have the opportunity to equip a smartphone ...

15 December, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7: Who offer the phone for Christmas?

You do not know who to offer the Samsung Galaxy S7 for Christmas?Style advise you in your choice!
When making your Christmas presents, you hesitate ...

14 December, 2016
Apple: The AirPods are now available for purchase!

Apple has just announced the availability of AirPods, headphones really wireless. They can be ordered today to receive before Christmas 2016!
They ...

13 December, 2016
Best: The Google Nexus 6P at unbeatable prices!

You want to catch the 6P Google Nexus at a small price? This offer should please you!
You want to enjoy a high-end smartphone without breaking the ...

11 December, 2016