The new Nokia 3310 and Nokia 3 are available from Carrefour and Fnac

Techno 29 June, 2017

Good news, the Nokia 3310 version 2017 and the Nokia 3 have just made their appearance at Carrefour and Fnac. The smartphone and feature phone are available for purchase!
Shortly after his release at SFR and the announcement of his imminent arrival at Darty , the Nokia 3310 has just made its appearance at Carrefour and the Fac. The photo feature is available in different colors at 69.90 euros, the same price as other retailers. But that’s not all. The Nokia 3 is also available on Fnac and at Carrefour. The entry-level smartphone is marketed at a low price, and meltyStyle tells you more now.
The Nokia 3 presents the distinctive features of the classic Nokia smartphone design : a beautifully crafted and sculpted polycarbonate body, a solid aluminum frame, perfect finishing details and optimized performance for everyday use. The smartphone is offered at 159.90 euros at Carrefour and Fnac . But do not hesitate to check the availability of the terminal in store, before moving. Otherwise, Nokia is about to launch another phone similar to the Nokia 3310