Google Pixel: How to buy in Canada?

Techno 16 December, 2016

You want to buy Google Pixel at all costs? There are several ways to get the phone in Canada!
While Google Pixel proves the best competitor to the iPhone from the firm , still no trace of its presence in France. Many fans of smartphones disappointed forgetfulness still hope to see it land in 2017 to enjoy its powerful specifications. Fortunately, there are ways to get the Google Pixel for the impatient. The first is obviously to buy it abroad if you are traveling , the two most nearby European countries selling smartphone being England (Eurostar hello?) And Germany. In England, the phone is available from Carphone Warehouse and T-Mobile in Germany. But be careful, you can also go through the internet …

Here’s how to buy Google Pixel
This will require you to create a second Google Account with you based in Germany – not the US since it takes an American credit card to complete the transaction. For that your IP is recognized as being in Germany, you can go through VPN like the Opera browser directly integrated into the latest version. After this more complicated operation than the real paper, you are ready to get the Google Pixel which received a second Android update . But above all, remember that by ordering from the web your phone abroad, port fees may apply. And in many cases, the bill turns salty … Do you have any other tips to buy the phone?