Nokia 3310: After Colette, the phone arrives at SFR exclusively!

Techno 2 June, 2017

A small part of Snake, is that tempting you? Marketed for a few weeks at Colette, the Nokia 3310 made its appearance at SFR before arriving at the other shops.
SFR just hit a big shot. Whether you are a customer of the operator or not, the Nokia 3310 (2017) is available for purchase. Yes, you have it. The feature phone that was sold exclusively at Colette just pointed the end of its plastic frame at SFR . But for now, we only find a single color of the new Nokia 3310 that is almost as solid as its elder , the 3310 of the years 2000. Available without package or with an SFR subscription, the Nokia 3310 version 2017 expects you firm foot . And meltyStyle tells you more now
The Nokia 3310 is available from SFR for € 69 without a package and from € 9.99 with a SFR subscription. You can also have it in 2 hours in space SFR! But only the dark blue color (matt) is available for purchase at the moment. At the latest news, the Nokia phone feature is expected to be released on June 6th at various Nokia distributors . Always useful to buy, the Nokia 3310 has regaled us with the writing, during our first steps with this phone. So you’re gonna buy it?