No iPhone, Life BlackBerry … 3 good reasons to buy the BlackBerry KEYONE, open letter to Damso!

Techno 26 May, 2017

Dear Damso, I know you’re a fan of BlackBerry phones and the iPhone is not your cam. In the editing, we think you’re going to kiffer the new KEYONE. So, here are three reasons nwaar enough for you to change your good old Curve!
Dear Damso, get ready to read the story of a smartphone to the great story. The new BlackBerry is getting ready to join the French market. This is the KEYONE, a pretty stylish device that now has Chinese blood, but keeps DNA from the phones of the Canadian company. And the specificity of this BlackBerry is that it is equipped with a physical keyboard and a touch screen, just that. I see you coming Dem’s! But why make me shit with this story? Bah I always remember our exchange around your BlackBerry Curve which is seldom said to be in Low Battery mode. You explained to me that you often lost your texts in tactile smartphones . But with the BlackBerry KEYONE, You will not take your head anymore. So I give you 3 good reasons to buy this new phone.
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I had the opportunity to spend a little time with this device and listen to your album Ipséité that I really appreciated. In my eyes, you have succeeded in imposing even trivialize the excess . In a hundred years, it will no doubt be said that you were a real enigma. And I find this mysterious aspect in the BlackBerry KEYONE that was produced by TCL Communication. This Android smartphone is therefore equipped with a physical keyboard. This original feature gives the new BlackBerry a rather atypical dimension, between nostalgia and modernity. And I’m sure you’re going to kiffer the Smart Keyboard of the BlackBerry KEYONE.
Thanks to its different functionalities, the physical keyboard of the new BlackBerry allows to do everything . So much so that one quickly gets the impression that the navigation keys are useless. One can, for example, launch any app by pressing and holding a predefined key during the first settings of the device. Kind, we can choose the O for OKLM or the F for Facebook, a real trick saaale what! Featuring an anodized aluminum frame and a textured shell that is very pleasant to the touch, the KEYONE is also very (very) good to take in hand . But since you’re busy with your son and your clothes brand Rosemark – without talking about rap eh, it’s probably the interface of the device that interests you the most.
And bah know that we should not expect big surprises compared to the impressive BlackBerry Priv. TCL / BlackBerry have bet on a pure version of Android 7.1 Nougat with some homemade app to enhance the user experience. The KEYONE is the Android simple, reactive and above all, secure . Well, the system was quickly optimized with the addition of a small button for the combo touch screen / physical keyboard but overall you will have no trouble sailing for hours on this smartphone. As for your sworn enemy, the famous touch screen, I will not go there by four ways.
The screen of the KEYONE throws. And even if it’s only 4.5 inches, I felt like I had a standard 5.5-inch smartphone . Why ? It’s simple. On a conventional smartphone (which does not have a physical keyboard), as soon as you want to write something, a virtual keyboard appears. And bah this screen, it takes up space! While on a KEYONE, we take advantage of the total area of ​​the screen and that is really not bad. Yeah Dem’s, the KEYONE is sweet and salty.
Believe me, the KEYONE is the new must. Without being perfect, it is the most original, the safest and the least re-read. It is true that at 599 euros, it is a bit pricey paid. But it still has a unique technology on Earth with its physical keyboard. Its premium design and the small grip on the back that makes the smartphone not slip between the fingers is the icing on the cake. You have summarized it yourself on the excellent #QuedusaalVie : No iPhone, BlackBerry Life !