Damso validates the BlackBerry KEYone on Instagram, would it be his new smartphone?

Adept of BlackBerry smartphones, Damso seems to have kiffé the KEYONE. The 92i rapper who just beat the record in France with his album Ipséité has ...

2 June, 2017
No iPhone, Life BlackBerry … 3 good reasons to buy the BlackBerry KEYONE, open letter to Damso!

Dear Damso, I know you're a fan of BlackBerry phones and the iPhone is not your cam. In the editing, we think you're going to kiffer the new KEYONE. ...

26 May, 2017
BlackBerry KEYONE: I started to test the smartphone, here are my first impressions!

Ouloulou, the BlackBerry KEYONE has finally arrived at the editorial office. Equipped with a touch screen and a physical keyboard, this smartphone ...

25 May, 2017