Damso validates the BlackBerry KEYone on Instagram, would it be his new smartphone?

Techno 2 June, 2017

Adept of BlackBerry smartphones, Damso seems to have kiffé the KEYONE. The 92i rapper who just beat the record in France with his album Ipséité has validated the new phone.
No iPhone, BlackBerry Life. With that sentence, Damso said it all. A true follower of BlackBerry smartphones, the one who wrote his last album on a Curve could soon afford a KEYONE. While we recently wrote an open letter to Damso to give him 3 reasons to buy the smartphone from BlackBerry and TCL , the 92i rapper whose album still cartridges in the bins has validated the new terminal that is equipped with a ” A touch screen and an excellent physical keyboard. Very active on Instagram, the interpreter of Nwaar is the New Black did not hesitate to liker the last publications of the account BlackBerry_FR.
Thanks to its different functionalities, the physical keyboard of the new BlackBerry allows to do everything. So much so that one quickly gets the impression that the navigation keys are useless. And it is undoubtedly this characteristic that impressed the Belgian rapper who knew how to trivialize even impose the excesses in these sounds. In the editing, we had the opportunity to have fun with the keyboard of KEYONE , and it is really very cool. As for Damso , we imagine him very well as a BlackBerry ambassador in France. And you, what do you think?