Samsung Galaxy S7: The phone dropped below 500 euros thanks to this reduction

Techno 16 December, 2016

Want to nab the Samsung Galaxy S7? Good news: the phone is back below the 500 euros!

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S7, it’s a bit like a yo-yo, always going up and down. So always be alert to nab a bargain. It must be said that the phone is attractive with its powerful technical features that make it one of the market leaders. Fortunately, and the holiday season, the smartphone has board under 500 euros. More exactly the price of 489.99 euros instead of 699 euros usual on Samsung’s website. This promotion on the Samsung Galaxy S7, which should be directly upgraded to Android Nougat is Priceminister who is responsible. Always a top level site enticing offers.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 promotion
With its Snapdragon processor 820 2.4GHz coupled with 4GB of RAM, 16 megapixel cameras and its 5 megapixels, its screen 5.2-inch OLED with a resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels, OS Android Marshmallow (soon Nougat) , extensible storage … the smartphone turns a behemoth in the middle. It would be a shame to miss the Samsung Galaxy S7, including big improvements are coming , if you want a high end phone. With the latter, you’ll be sure to use the most powerful unmolested applications. To nab your Galaxy S7 cheap , nothing more simple: just go to this address . Tempted by this smartphone?