Samsung Galaxy S7: Who offer the phone for Christmas?

Techno 14 December, 2016

You do not know who to offer the Samsung Galaxy S7 for Christmas?Style advise you in your choice!
When making your Christmas presents, you hesitate to buy a smartphone to a close? The Samsung Galaxy S7, which is the safest phone market , can be an attractive choice for the good reputation of the latter. But beware, it is not to offer anyone. Because let us not forget: the phones are not toys and should be tailored to the use of each. So who buy this smartphone without error ? The most logical is to be sure that the lucky future has an attraction to new technologies and powerful phones that use mobile will be optimal. Because with its high technical characteristics, it would be a shame to limit combo Facebook / SMS / calls / pictures . Do not hesitate to ask your close on his report to the technology of a conversation (while trying to be discreet).

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is not to put all hands
The phone runs Android, one of the best mobile operating systems. If the future owner of the Samsung Galaxy S7 has an iPhone , tilt will be complicated. Complicated but not impossible! If your loved one is showing signs of weakness in his railing against Apple smartphone “I am really fed up of iOS” then grab this opportunity to slip him the Samsung Galaxy S7 hands. And us, what better than a little change? The final argument is the price of the phone: far from being given (but accessible). The Samsung Galaxy S7 can actually be got it for less than 500 euros by searching a little bit. What do you think before you take action. But remember that the main thing is to have fun and whatever the cost! What other arguments do you offer to the Galaxy S7?