The BlackBerry KEYone has already sold out in France!

Techno 5 June, 2017

The BlackBerry KEYone from TCL sells (very) well. As a result, not all pre-orders will be delivered on time to the United States. In France, it is also difficult to buy the smartphone.
The BlackBerry KEYONE is putting everyone in agreement. So much so that TCL, the acquirer of worldwide rights to the BlackBerry trademark (except in India), announced that the pre-orders of its smartphone in the United States were not going to be honored on time. Worse, stocks are also very rare in shops. In France, the situation is similar. The smartphone that has impressed us with its physical keyboard to the editor is not very accessible in the market of smartphones. To have it in your hands, you will have to wait . And it is not the merchant websites that will invalidate these remarks!
While most e-commerce sites market the BlackBerry KEYone in France, at a time when these lines are written, very few of them have the smartphone whose physical keyboard is also tactile . Darty, Amazon, CDiscount, Boulange, Rue du Commerce, PriceMinister ….. None of these merchant sites have a KEYone in stock. It takes about ten days to receive it. TCL has promised to remedy this. “We know that consumers are experiencing inventory problems when they try to buy their KEYOne.We are working with our reseller partners to ensure that more stocks are available as soon as possible to honor orders , Said a representative of the manufacturer at the US launch of its terminal. And you, have you managed to get it for you? Tell us all in comment!