Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 19, Japril and Merthan in Danger? Our criticism

While Maggie mourned, she got closer to Jackson in episode 19 of season 13 of Gray's Anatomy. Check out our review of "What's Inside"!
Last week, ...

7 April, 2017
IPhone 7 Plus: More powerful than the Samsung Galaxy S8? A benchmark tie!

Has the Samsung Galaxy S8 managed to offer a flagship more powerful than the iPhone 7 Plus? A benchmark answers this question!
That Samsung offers ...

3 April, 2017
IPad 9.7 inches: What differences with the iPad Air 2?

The iPad 9.7 inches was revealed yesterday by Apple. But what differences does this small price tablet have with its predecessor the iPad Air 2?

22 March, 2017
Films that show a superhero that is not really one but that manages so much that it is a little one anyway

What ? It is clear: the hero manages his race, without having super powers and leaving Marvel or DC. Come on, the examples to explain all that.

15 March, 2017
They refused to resume their role for a sequel (and fortunately)

They could have chosen the ease by slipping their pips into slippers they knew well. But nan, these guys have kindly declined the invitation ... ...

8 March, 2017
IPad Pro: That’s why the Galaxy Tab S3 will not be able to shade it!

Samsung took advantage of the MWC 2017 to present its Galaxy Tab S3. This news will struggle to compete with Apple's iPad Pro and we explain why! ...

6 March, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 Plus: Their new competitor is called Meizu Pro 6 Plus

Chinese Meizu has unveiled its new high-end smartphone, the Pro 6 Plus. This is the perfect mix of the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Can he then ...

16 February, 2017
Jamie Dornan complains Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!

Jamie Dornan manages to cope with the whirlwind of success. If it is not easy on his side, he admits Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
The big ...

20 January, 2017
Like the movies, series annoy a little the fans of the books of which they are inspired

Adapting a book to the screen necessarily entails taking some liberties. This does not fail to elicit some criticism from those who have read the ...

12 January, 2017
The families of these characters must get on well at Christmas

Even the most avaricious then make efforts to open the wallet a little. And given the financial means of these characters, you can negotiate things a ...

26 December, 2016
The Walking Dead Game of Thrones VS: Which set has the most deaths?

Two series, two worlds but one thing in common: the number of deaths in The Walking Dead rivals that of Game of Thrones, but that is the most cruel? ...

8 December, 2016