The families of these characters must get on well at Christmas

Cinema 26 December, 2016

Even the most avaricious then make efforts to open the wallet a little. And given the financial means of these characters, you can negotiate things a little reuch.
The day after Christmas, you brought your presents home, you kiffes, you tell what you got. It is here that we must not cross a guy who will make you understand that he had much better and drunk you. Besides, luckily the movie characters do not exist in real life, if not their relatives could quite gorging yourself today.
Jay Gatsby (“Gatsby the Magnificent”)
The only thing we know is that he has money. Seeing his hut and his almost daily evenings where he rinses everyone, no need to be Sherlock Holmes to guess it. However, no one knows how he got it all. The past of the young bogoss remains unknown. Anyway, Jay Gatsby is pretty good leg and tries to make love, even strangers . So if he had cousins ​​or whatever, he would regale them. (PS: to see Leo in rich, you can also watch “The Wolf of Wall-Street” or “Aviator”).
Charles Montgomery Burns (“The Simpsons”)
All the contrary of Gatsby: old (104 years), ugly, origin of the fortune known and … ramin as not allowed. That is the flaw in the plan. His colleagues, uh, what I say, his subordinates clearly can not hope for. Burns behaves like a rat, shamelessly. The billions amassed by the nuclear power plant that he owns and directs do nothing: if he can sink or drill a trick, he will. Maybe his family manages to make him let go a little taken . If only a little, it would make a sacred gift.
Tony Stark (“Iron Man”)
A son to Papa who always rolled on gold. At the head of Stark Industries, the golden boy thrives on arms sales to the US Army . And as in reality, this one does not skimp on investments! The fortune of this survivor of Vietnam who his ride in armor would rise to more than 10 billion dollars.
Charles Foster Kane ( ” CitizenCharles Foster Kane (“Citizen Kane”)
Sign that times are changing (how’s MC Solaar anyway?) At one time the press had the moneyA sign that times are changing (how is MC Solaar by the way?) Was a time when the press made money. A lot, even. Watch this film (quality more) and you will see Mr. Kane live in opulence. This magnate visibly encountered no problems to complete the end of the month . Nor even a year. According to the rumors, it would have counted about 8M $.
Forrest Gump (Eponymous Movie)
A good guy. And a very rich guy. The prototype of the American self-made man except that we do not realize it because Forrest is not a bastard who scams people. Besides, he does not even know that it is screened, it works to the fun: football, table tennis, shrimp boat captain and star marathoner … So, he did not ask questions about love Jenny, who had never wanted him before, when he was poor and disabled. Gentle like everything, Forrest will offer you what you want to make you happy. It is up to you not to abuse and respect this generous man.
Carlisle Cullen (“Twilight 1: fascination”)
With several tens of billions of dollars on the account, it is serene. And he deserved it because he worked. Over 300 years of taf, not a lazy guy . Ok, he’s vampire and immortal, so it helps to level the plans over the long term. But it was necessary to make the judicious investments, in addition to his income as a doctor. Who would still have unsatisfied little cravings?