What if the best books were those invented in the movies?

A percussive title, a content that promises to be original and useful, when you see the book, you are dying to leaf through it. Except that it does ...

27 April, 2017
These movies abuse so much about violence that you know it’s to mess

Violence, everywhere, all the time. In dialogues, actions, plans. It does not stop! And suddenly, you know it's done purposely to have fun.
A ...

27 April, 2017
Go, a little pure beauty to forget the sad daily

Life is sometimes hard and ugly, so you have to know how to rebound. Cinema is a way, with some beautiful movies that make you rekiffer life.
Even ...

26 April, 2017
Angelina Jolie ready to leave Hollywood and stop her acting career!

Tired, Angelina Jolie would be about to leave everything! The actress could soon say goodbye to his beautiful career in cinema.
It's time for ...

15 April, 2017
If you mate these movies by comatant, you do not understand anything

For those who like to fall asleep in front of a movie, do not choose those. They ask you to follow and cogitate then it will not stick.
It's true ...

14 April, 2017
Johnny Depp as a couple, 5 things to know about her new girlfriend

Johnny Depp would have a new girlfriend, Lucy Boynton. But who is this rising star of cinema? Discover 5 things to know about the actress!
After ...

3 April, 2017
Films that show a superhero that is not really one but that manages so much that it is a little one anyway

What ? It is clear: the hero manages his race, without having super powers and leaving Marvel or DC. Come on, the examples to explain all that.

15 March, 2017
How to give the name of a character without it being all banal and none

It sounds stupid but it's actually complicated. We must avoid the classic "How are you called? ", Bring something more fun to see. The techniques.

13 March, 2017
They refused to resume their role for a sequel (and fortunately)

They could have chosen the ease by slipping their pips into slippers they knew well. But nan, these guys have kindly declined the invitation ... ...

8 March, 2017
Pokemon Go: The exchange and duels for soon according to Niantic

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs, spoke of the arrival of exchanges and fights between players soon regarding Pokemon Go.
Finally, there is a news ...

13 February, 2017
The whims of actors sometimes prove to be a good thing

It is believed to know the whims and other slippages of some. Sometimes they were hallucinating, while others were right to insist. Examples.
Val ...

9 February, 2017
You’re all up there only when you can refuse crazy offers like Matt Damon

How can we know that we have succeeded? How successful are we? That one is in a position of strength? Answer: Look at Matt Damon.
Unfortunately, ...

27 January, 2017
Limits ? What are the limits? There are many characters who talk to animals

It is the beauty of creation. When you make a movie, a series, a cartoon, you can leave far without worries. And communicate a character with dogs, ...

27 January, 2017
The Land: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the masterpiece not to be missed, our critic!

It is the film not to be missed. The highly anticipated La La Land with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is out today at the cinema. Discover our review ...

25 January, 2017
Do not say “Oh yeah, you bet how much?” To these movie characters

Already with a friend a little proud, you do not know when or how it will end. But then with them, hooks to bets, you launch yourself into something ...

24 January, 2017
We like all the cops, especially when they do not take themselves too seriously

To the devil the zeal, the seriousness of each moment, the frozen face. When they resemble us, joking, cracking, missing, we adore them. The proof ...

20 January, 2017
Look no, it’s Harley Quinn who has the worst guy in the world, this Joker tart

While she would do everything for him, that she does not see herself living without him, this heartbreaker chains the dirty blows. Finally in the ...

19 January, 2017
Trump, do not disconnect, let us the evil Russians in the movies

For a work to be of high quality and well received by the public, it must respect certain codes. We provide benchmarks. For American films, it is the ...

18 January, 2017
More than a clown, Jim Carrey is a true actor of talent

It should not be reduced to his grimaces in "Ace Ventura" or "Dumb and Dumber", the Canadian has a much wider palette. Tribute.
Many of us have ...

17 January, 2017
These biopics on women who have marked the history of which no one speaks

We talk about "Jackie" because Natalie Portman shines but we too often forget other films honoring extraordinary women. Here they are.
"Behind every ...

16 January, 2017
These actors were as passionate about the subject as you are about the rules of cricket

They were content to do the taf and ensure their catch of the film, the rest, nothing to square. The intrigue, the subject treated, the classics of ...

16 January, 2017
Nothing fucking fashion, these directors will never make films of superheroes

In recent years, there have been plenty of adaptations from comics to cinema. But given their declarations, these guys will not go for anything in ...

13 January, 2017
When Hollywood talks about “big”, it’s not high level

We feel the will to do well, to denounce the treatment against obese people. But it is so awkward that it is missed.

It's easier said than done, ...

13 January, 2017
They are less big and expensive than George Lucas Museum but they deserve a visit

Not all museums dedicated to cinema have the same means or do not follow the same objectives. And that's good ! While waiting for that of Lucas, go ...

12 January, 2017
Do not panic when you do not know his name at the end of the movie, it’s normal

You just spent two hours in front of the screen, you debrief tranquillou and you want to talk about a character ... But how broken is his name? In ...

9 January, 2017
Scandal, these important characters have calanched without even being shown their dead

Given the central role they played in history, they deserved a little more consideration when they said goodbye. Never forget!

I accuse the lack ...

5 January, 2017
Do you have the impression that an actor often dies on screen? Mate if he is in this ranking

We have already all reflected: "I wonder how many times this actor bursts in his roles." And bah a guy counted and swung a chart.

The example ...

3 January, 2017
And if the “Rogue One” posters made by the fans were more beautiful than the official one?

The first spin-off of the Star Wars saga is cartoon in every way, financial and artistic. Speaking of art, precisely, here are the most beautiful ...

3 January, 2017