Go, a little pure beauty to forget the sad daily

Cinema 26 April, 2017

Life is sometimes hard and ugly, so you have to know how to rebound. Cinema is a way, with some beautiful movies that make you rekiffer life.
Even though beauty is subjective, we can still agree on certain things. Of which the beauty of the 7th art. If we had to give examples, then we would cite these films, where the aesthetic is so close to perfection that you think you dream. And you say yes, thank you to life.
2001 the odyssey of space
For more than 2h30, Kubrick walks in a universe of a power … Besides the meaning and the reflection behind all this, the film subjugates you. The blackness of some shots, dives and dives, symbols (cf the black monolith and religion, etc.) … Not to mention the special effects, crazy for the time. A very slow film, it’s true. But a slap in terms of beauty.
——- 1 ——-
Those who went to the cinema to see pursuit races were disappointed! The guys came out completely annoyed from the room, it was pretty funny. Frustrated, they had not managed to enjoy the beauty of the trick: the light / dark, the close-ups, the sun in the camera, the blood squirts … Everything is beautiful . Every shot is a photo, brothel. And Nicolas Winding Refn is a recidivist (Valhalla Rising before, Only God Forgives after).
——- 2 ——-
The Tree of Life
Warning, it’s going to be raging. Many accuse Terrence Malick of intellectual handjob, to enjoy himself alone and slide a small carrot to the spectators. On the meaning of his films, at the expense of aesthetics. So for once, it is quoted at the right time, as an example of success. Yes, filming huge buildings with nature just to side, see in the middle in fact, it’s limit coherence level. But you have to forget that and check out the images …
——- 3 ——-
Enter the Void
He also qualified as a striped director, Gaspard Noé is actually different. He tries stuff, tries to surprise, even shock. So it’s sure that in your sofa, you can not kiffer, it’s the game my poor Lucette! But clearly, the aesthetic of this film kills … Basically, all you see and hear are the perceptions of the main character, Oscar. An experience. And colors, you’ve never seen that. In hallu mode, illegal by-products or naturally perched, but not normal in any case.
——- 4 ——–
Separated in two distinct parts, one centered on the feeling of melancholy, the other on the planet that will crash and bears the same name, Lars Von Trier’s film multiplies references to romanticism . The poster refers to Sir John Everett Millais’s Ophelia painting, then scenes depicting Wagner’s paintings, Caravaggio, Cranach … Before drawing a scene on Durer’s Melancholia engraving. You will have guessed, the plans are worked and sought after, a treat.
——– 5 ———
Sin City
What memory ! The film directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez put us on the ass. Inspired by the comics of the first city, the adaptation was made in 3D and faithfully reproduces the images of the comic . So with enormous contrasts between the classic black and white of the general mood, and the garish colors at times like blood when it goes off into baston. You can watch it ten times, it’s always beautiful. Besides, you do not get bored! Which one you loved the most?