How to give the name of a character without it being all banal and none

Cinema 13 March, 2017

It sounds stupid but it’s actually complicated. We must avoid the classic “How are you called? “, Bring something more fun to see. The techniques.
Use a conversation where more than two people participate
From the outset, one avoids the face to face classic and relou described in the intro. There, with at least three people discussing, it is enough to have the name of a character spoken and to point the camera towards him . And hop, at least one identified! Kind of scred ‘, of course, like: “By the way, Bernard, what do you think about it?”
Show character name
Another feint. Rather than say it, make it heard, we must mount it, make it see. Via a plaque on the door of his office, an inscription on his professional card, a letter addressed to him … or even squarely an advertising display as for Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad.
Create a waiting scene where their name is necessarily given
Like us, when we go to the doctor, the hairdresser, to an interview or any other official appointment. The character will be there, waiting to be called, wisely, and so will be his name . On the other hand, it is necessary to give a minimum of meaning to the scene. Otherwise, we’re gonna be shit …
Use mobile phone calls and messages
Here is an idea that it is good. In addition, it is the image of our everyday life so it will seem perfectly natural. When you call someone, you usually introduce yourself . Question of politeness, already, and common sense, then, if not the other at the end of the wire will grieve to understand what you want, why … Concerning texting, it is even simpler. Simply film the name of the contact indicated on the screen and the trick is played.
Make two characters talk about a nearby third
Not necessarily wrong, in the language of motherfucker. It does not matter, it’s free. Simply, to make a conversation between two characters about a third allows to show the latter. Easy. We have more than making the name-face link . Normally, it is feasible.
Never mention the character’s name
This happens much more often than you think. And what is also less serious and embarrassing than we think. Seriously, you can very well follow the characters, understand the film and debrief after but without knowing his name . You have other means of designating it. In Fight Club, for example, Edward Norton is “the narrator”. That’s all, no name. And many of us did not even realize it.
Make a scene
Both literally and figuratively. In contrast to the previous technique, here we focus on the name and nothing else. So there must of course be a staging, an explanation, that serves the story . These conditions fulfilled, the film can spend two minutes on a name. Like McLovin in Super Grave. So, who feels warm to write a script now that this major problem is resolved?