These movies abuse so much about violence that you know it’s to mess

Cinema 27 April, 2017

Violence, everywhere, all the time. In dialogues, actions, plans. It does not stop! And suddenly, you know it’s done purposely to have fun.
A little like you with your friends, when the insults and duels multiply, for the kiff. When it is done with good spirit, to laugh, between intelligent people, it passes. We control, we play. It’s still better than heating for real eh! And even to look, you kiffes. So you liked these movies!
pulp Fiction
Since then, the Tarantino style is no longer to be demonstrated, everyone has understood. And it has not changed either. Dialogues as staggering as provocative, lyrical flight, access to violence, bloodshed, fat guns … His recipe is known, and Pulp Fiction represents it perfectly. Rifle, chainsaw, insults of all kinds, sequestration, saber, stings and overdose … A bit of everything , no jealous!
Evil Dead II
A San Raimi horror film that dates a little (1987) but is worth a look. There is no restraint , one goes there: giclee of blood as thrown by a karcher, skeleton that walks with exorbitant eyes , close-ups on eyeballs propelled in the mouth of a girl, bastons wacky … It is Series B, have fun.
More to deride, it is difficult! People go straight into an amusement park specially designed to stop zombies . You can have it tied on flying chairs, challenge: touch them, and have a good score. Even in the city, the goal is to eliminate them with panache to get the “zombie kill of the week”. Kind by crushing the zombie with a piano falling from the roof of your house. Woody Harrelson, Jesse Einsenberg and Emma Stone had fun in any case. Bonus: there’s a cameo!
Tucker and Dale vs Evil
A group of teenagers arrives in the countryside to find their lost friends. And in bad posture. Except it’s going to mess! Already, the rednecks that welcome them do not make their task easier, and especially … they are too bad. The teenagers all meet, one by one … themselves . Falling on his own saber, missed plating and jumping into a cutting machine … Bullets. And you have to laugh.
Hot Fuzz
The absurd English comedy that makes us laugh. A cop too good drunk his colleagues in London and found himself sent to a lonely village. Where he still drunk. By being shit. Before discovering a mysterious story! Parody movies of action and horror, it’s a perfect mix . Cult replicas, gore murders, disgusting accidents, blood spurting well, huge rifles: enough to spend a good time, with humor.
Shoot ’em up
Smith has only one goal: to knock them all down. This will cause him to update the overall conspiracy, and to do damage. Already, the film begins with a woman giving birth in a hangar, assisted by Smith, who swings bastos, surrounded, to all the bastards . Afterwards, it’s a festival: editing at the McGyver to shoot guns automatically, bursting skulls, jumping fingers …
Robert Rodriguez is a specialist of the genre, and it is not for nothing that he is a friend with Quentin Tarantino! After Planet Terror, the director decided to go even more, and even more offbeat . That gives Machete, with Danny Trejo. Twisted sex scenes, fucking rhythmic fuck dialogues, waterfalls hanging from a man’s intestines, cut-out faces, a pitiless churchman: no limits!
Dead Pool
Given the character’s character, it was easier to know that the goal was to laugh. The guy is so into provocation, he never stops. And that does not prevent it from sacrificing damage! The heads explode, the teeth fly, the legs break, the fuckings of mouth arrive constantly … Deadpool enjoys the danger and violence . And we, too, with him. What movie did you most typing bars?