Scandal, these important characters have calanched without even being shown their dead

Cinema 5 January, 2017

Given the central role they played in history, they deserved a little more consideration when they said goodbye. Never forget!

I accuse the lack of respect. Frankly, given the budget and duration of the films, this was not the end of the world to wedge a small stage 5 minutes to show them in the end, accompany them and help us to mourn . To say goodbye decently. Not to learn their disappearance after the fact, like that. It’s hard for everyone. Here are those sacrificed which must not be forgotten.
The kraken in “Pirate of the Caribbean: Until the End of the World”
Kind of giant octopus whose enormous tentacles can be seen grabbing the Black Pearl and pulling it to the bottom of the ocean. This animal would be, basically, the incarnation of the evil spirit of Davy Jones as well as his pet. In short, at the end of the film “The secret of the chest cursed”, The Kraken embarks Jack Sparrow and his boat towards the limbo. And in the next episode, Jack arrives back in the living world, landed on an island … and found the dried animal . We learn that he was killed by the cannon of the flying Dutchman. And hop, to clear!
Sarah Connor in “Terminator 3: The Rise of Machines”
We had two movies together, to see her evolve, we had attached to it. Young woman frightened in the 1st, she learns by Reese all the brothel (the machines control the world and want to get rid of the humanity decades later) and ends pregnant, alone, at the wheel of his case. Sighted, it leaves one to John audio message, explaining the scrambles . In the second, she starts interned in a psychiatric hospital, escapes and then turns into a badass heroine. And in the 3? More Sarah. A leukemia has prevailed, we are told. Fuck of cancer …
The first Matrix was a slap. Many of us had come out of the room a little beside their pumps, and rather in connection with a theme never seen before that many dead. For in the end, only Morpheus, Trinity, Neo and Tank were still standing. Suddenly, the actor Marcus Chong was thought important than them in the plot and demanded the same pay as Laurence Fishburne . Gross flaming sanctioned direct: the character disappeared from the scenario of the sequel, nothing to fuck Tank. Thank you, goodbye, out here.
Llewelyn Moss in “No country for old men”
You must remember him, it is the guy who puts his hand on the suitcase filled with banknotes and who embarks with him. This causes the spinning of the other tart of Anton Chigurh who wants to shoot him. There’s nothing to be calm about, and Llewelyn is not. He would end by getting humped skin but by a Chicano cartel . In addition we do not even see how, since we discovered it – through the eyes of the old sheriff – simply on the floor of his hotel room, in blood, already gone to heaven.
Darin in “Boyz n the hood”
Must admit that the death of Doughboy did not surprise great people, what had to happen happened. Aggressive coke dealer, violent, always with a gun and who does not hesitate to use the day when things go wrong … Especially when you’re going up against three members of an enemy gang, there’s necessarily a return stick . So, yes, he avenged the death of his younger brother, Ricky. But violence brings violence. And at the end, it is a courier who teaches us the death of Darin, two weeks after his punitive expedition.
A tear. The wife of Rocky brothel … The one who accompanied him from the beginning, who knew how to speak to him, to calm him, to make a normal man once the gloves removed. But here, in “Balboa”, Rocky had to go back to the ring. But he had promised him the opposite. It was therefore necessary to eliminate it! Between the 5th and the 6th (Balboa, therefore), Adrienne was thus victim of a bad cancer of the ovaries and left. And that’s the job. Sly to the controllers, a screenwriter who can not be dictated by emotions. What death has you most disgusted with?