Look no, it’s Harley Quinn who has the worst guy in the world, this Joker tart

Cinema 19 January, 2017

While she would do everything for him, that she does not see herself living without him, this heartbreaker chains the dirty blows. Finally in the comics anyway.
In the film adaptation of the movie “Suicide Squad”, the main violence of the Joker towards Harley Quinn corresponds to the moment when it attaches it and the torture with its very special therapy. It’s fairly brief, and then we move on. In comics, such scenes are repeated very often. Here is a small selection .
He tied her in an underground prison where all the previous Harley
Surely after an argument, or else just a cable buggery Joker, Harley descends, the attachment to the wall with large chains and pulls a small torch so she can see what surrounds … Several women dressed as she died . Content, the Joker balance him: “I can tell you something you do not even will be the last. .” The worst part is that it is potentially a joke (bad taste), that the Joker would have just recovered from the corpses and made the staging. But it remains glaucous, twisted and wicked nevertheless.
He locked her up in a space rocket
Typical of the guy who is afraid of commitment. The Joker tells him that “this is the first time in years he has these feelings” and that he “always cherish the days spent together but sadly, inevitably, the time has come to separate us” . It’s already hard to hear. It is even more when it is by microphones interposés because the guy has trapped you, put in a rocket that will take off towards the milky way.
He offers her a bouquet of roses filled with dynamite sticks
Generally, when the Joker is all honeyed, nice, attentive, it is that there is a wolf. And we do not just mean a service that will ask, no, no: an attempted murder . So yes, the guy is crazy. But Harley Quinn also, to trust him blindly and get screwed every time. To believe and hope for a different outcome.
He urged him to put himself in a tank of chemicals
Not satisfied with having already manipulated and changed mentally, the Joker then wishes to make it evolve physically. In fashion guru who wants only your own good, of course . And the former psychiatrist, Harleen Quinzel, agrees to fuck in the tank and undergo one more treatment.
He threw it into the street as they celebrated their seventh birthday
Like anyone normally constituted, Harley is preparing to spend a beautiful evening. She prepares a song for her lover, asked him to book his evening awaits in little nightie … But who knows why, the Joker sees red and gives off. Hop, he throws it down, where particularly hungry hyenas await him. Gentleman, undoubtedly.
He let her disgorge alone during pregnancy
And where he is strong is that he has had nothing to say or do. Harley Quinn decided to herself, knowing that the Joker would absolutely not interested in that, he would see evil and that it would spoil their relationship . Thus, Harley is confided to the Black Canary in the comedy “Injustice: Gods among us us, year two” which she managed all alone so as not to disrupt Monsieur. And that he did as if nothing had happened when she came back a year later. We agree, it’s impossible to do worse?