If you mate these movies by comatant, you do not understand anything

Cinema 14 April, 2017

For those who like to fall asleep in front of a movie, do not choose those. They ask you to follow and cogitate then it will not stick.
It’s true that it’s cool to fall asleep tranquillou, rocked by the distant lyrics of an unimportant movie. And precisely, must choose! Because if you put one of the movies cited below, you get yourself. Voluntarily complicated, they demand concentration and reflection.
You go and come between dreams, reality, different levels, the laws of physics do not exist any more … If you’re not well film, you apple and after that it has no more interest to look at it . The film is built expressly so that you reflect at the same time. Otherwise you end up like math in high school, dropped by a force …
2001 the odyssey of space
Already, the film is long. Then it is slow. But then slow as rarely seen. Leeeeeeent! In short, if you comate when you launch the film, you will fall asleep direct. And if you cling to it by opening one eye, once the right, once the left, and reaching the end, bah we will still have to try to understand the end . At least, to interpret it! Because this is the kind of “open” conclusion where you have to make your own idea.
A chelou guy, constant music, a woman a little disgusting, sex scenes, alien sperm, dead bodies … David Lynch was already disturbing in 1977 . We love him for that, it’s true. You just have to remember that before pressing the play button.
Oh surprise, another Nolan movie! Still playing with our brain, the director goes here by the montage to push us to follow. Because in addition to the search for the killer of Leonard’s wife, we have the unpleasant impression that all the film’s plans are not in the logical order , to make comings and goings in history. And that’s the case ! We let you guess the trick if not it breaks all the interest.
When it begins, you think of typing a boring movie, already seen a hundred times, and you are preparing to type your little one. Then a comet approaches the Earth … but avoids it. Pity. Except that another thing happens: the people of the evening banter dinner with friends will search a booth supposed to have powers, lower down the street . And boom, they fall on their doubles. And it’s gone: who’s who? Who is really at the table? If it’s not done on purpose, huh.
Donnie Darko
It could have been another film about the teenage and dramatic delusions of a young man. But it goes much further. You see a rabbit, you travel in time, you reflect on the meaning of life (or its lack of meaning, precisely) … Really interesting and a movie become cult after a not so successful out. In part because everyone did not freeze and rejected the work a little. A director’s cut came out in 2004, with explanations from director Richard Kelly. Is there any among you who had made the mistake of watching one of these films at 11 pm or not very lucid?