The whims of actors sometimes prove to be a good thing

Cinema 9 February, 2017

It is believed to know the whims and other slippages of some. Sometimes they were hallucinating, while others were right to insist. Examples.
Val Kilmer: “The Island of Doctor Moreau”
Basically, he had to play one of the main roles. Then he said he had better things to do, that producers had to reduce his share of scenes by 40% for it to be available. Already, it changes everything. Then, he did not stop questioning the choices of the director, Richard Stanley. Until the transfer to the project . Val, frankly … And it’s not over! To conclude, he demanded that the other actors see their lines modified or withdrawn, to leave all the light. The film will not be so bad finally, go for this time Val.
Crispin Glover: “Charlie and his funny ladies”
The pro of the negotiation. The guy gets the script, the bed and finds his replicas nil to shit. And not one or a few, all! So, rather than any change or leave the project, he has an idea: his character is mute . Finally, he does not speak, basically. McG agrees, go hop, forward the company.
Benicio Del Toro: “The usual suspects”
He was not yet known but was already showing character the rogue! When he reads the project, he understands that his character is destined to die first. Moreover, his take of words does not particularly influence the course of the story. Then he exhibited in Bryan Singer: “If you permitted me, I think you should let me try something .” Without imagining the trick, the director says yes. And Del Toro will play with an incomprehensible accent , mumbling, no one understanding what he says.
Mike Myers: “Wayne’s World”
It was a poker stroke. And he won. The memorable scene where he and his comrade shake his head on Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, you know? Well the producers wanted to sound of Guns N Roses, recent, coming out at the time . Except that Mike Myers refused, insisted on the sound of Queen and threatened to leave the film. They have yielded, and everybody loves this scene. Winning bet.
Faye Dunaway: “Acting Murder”
Passing for the bastard, no thanks! In the film, she plays Charlene Towne, working in an office where murders and incidents multiply. And she ends up being killed by the serial killer. Later, in the assembly, the director wants to change and make her the killer . She refuses completely, she will not return from the stage. Especially not for that. Finally, it will end as expected and the film will have its success.
Harrison Ford: “The Empire Strikes Back”
The famous scene where Leia tells him “I love you” and his answer, “I know,” comes from him. And unlike the rumors, he did not invent it, improperly. This is something he negotiated before, not at all fond of the original dialogue: “I love you, I could not tell you before it’s true” – “So remember in coach I will be back”. Ford had gone to negotiate directly with Keschner Irvin, who had liked the idea, without talking to Carrie Fisher , who was a little mouth that changes his sentences without touching a word. You would have cleared which without negotiating?