They are less big and expensive than George Lucas Museum but they deserve a visit

Cinema 12 January, 2017

Not all museums dedicated to cinema have the same means or do not follow the same objectives. And that’s good ! While waiting for that of Lucas, go see these.

“It’s not a question of means” , as so aptly Gérard Darmon (aka Amonbofils) in “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra”. And we will give it right here by presenting you the best cinema museums to visit throughout the world. Obviously, the budget influences the possibilities, but some do quite well without spending huge sums .
The Mad Max Museum
An interest that became a passion then downright an obsession. Adrian Bennett’s so loved the second part of the saga, shot in 1981 with Mel Gibson, he did move his family to Silverton , a clueless town in the Australian outback where scenes were filmed. Since then, he collects objects and builds replicas of vehicles such as the Interceptor, and it attracts its share of tourists.
The Hollywood Museum
We go to the opposite extreme. An enormous thing, mega expensive, held by the film industry itself … Which does not stop to recognize its interest. Scenarios, sets, costumes: you find everything. And above all, for decades, from silent films to blockbusters and other superhero films of today. On four floors, you will see more than 10,000 original pieces. Examples: Marylin’s dress, the cell of Hannibal Lecter in The silence of the lambs or the boxing gloves of Rocky.
The Lord of the Rings Museum
After being highlighted by a temporary exhibition in museums around the world, the trilogy now has its own permanent exhibition space. In Wellington, New Zealand, sets and costumes are shown to the public . Not to mention the mini-museum called “The Weta Cave” offering a tour of the shooting locations.
The Rancho Obi-Wan Museum
Founded by Steve Sansweet in Petaluna, California in 1998, this museum contains the largest collection of private objects dedicated to Star Wars. At present, we already count more than 300 000 pieces, for all episodes of the first in 1977 at 7, “The strength wakes up”, 2015 . Besides that, it offers visits to schools to introduce young people to this universe
The guy tells it with his bare hands, ah there it makes the guy eh.
The museum 007
The work of a fan, again. In this case Gunnar Schäfer, a Swede. So, normal, he opened it in Nybro, in his country. This museum is the first dedicated to the British spy and no less than 60,000 original pieces of films in the franchise . Like the snow scooter of “Die Another Day”, the BMW Z3 of “Goldeneye” and the early versions of the novels of the creator, novelist Ian Fleming.
The French cinematheque
Beyond all chauvinism Thierry Roland (and he was right to make us kiffer, compared to CJP), this museum remains a place to see for any lover of cinema. The film library is one of the largest and most expensive collections that exists, not surprising given the archives accumulated since 1936 . Small more stylish: the daily screenings and retrospectives of outstanding films, as well as the huge bookstore. Thanks to Henri Langlois and Georges Franju.
The Ghibli Museum
Close to Tokyo, in Mitaka, since 2001 it welcomes the fans of the films created by this famous Japanese animation studio. And you go about really good because the building was designed by Hayao Miyazaki, the director of that studio . At the entrance, you see a huge Totoro, inside you can walk as you please (it is even encouraged by the slogan “Lose us together”) or watch short films in the room Saturn. So, you want to go see what?