They refused to resume their role for a sequel (and fortunately)

Cinema 8 March, 2017

They could have chosen the ease by slipping their pips into slippers they knew well. But nan, these guys have kindly declined the invitation …
Usually when you want to put the cover with an ex, you always have this friend who tries to dissuade you in mode “Nan, it is never a good idea” . At the cinema, the biz is a little different: today you often hit the jackpot by taking over the same role several times via franchises . Even if some actors / actresses, for various reasons, have already been able to say no to a continuation of a film that had worked well. And often, it was pretty well seen …
Tom Hanks in “Forrest Gump 2”
According to Eli Roth, the screenwriter of “Forrest Gump” , a sequel of the film is already written since a lease. But Tom Hanks, the main actor, has always been moderately hot . In Entertainment Weekly, he said: “Stupidity makes me sick. This suite would ruin everything we did on the first film . ”
Jim Carrey in “The Mask 2”
Despite a $ 10 million proposal in the 1990s, Jim Carrey has always refused to take back the role that revealed him in the movies . The Canadian actor preferring to look to the future. A position that evolves with age, as evidenced by his participation in “Dumb and Dumber 2” . “I’m in a period when I want to revisit what I’ve already accomplished in my career,” the guy said in 2011. Steuplait Jim, come back! We want to forget “The Son of Mask” , the horrible film that claimed to be the sequel to “The Mask” …
Bill Murray in “Ghost SOS 3”
Although a “controversial ” reboot of “SOS Ghosts” was born in the summer of 2016, all fans have hoped for many years during the release of “SOS Ghosts 3” , which had been announced as of the release of the 2nd movie. But the project has been overwhelmed, largely because of Bill Murray , as director Ivan Reitman told Vulture: “I worked with Gene Stupnitksy and Lee Eisenberg, who wrote several films and worked on the series The They had written a very amusing script and I wanted to do it like Harold and Dan Aykroyd, but Bill refused to read it for a year, and then he read a few pages and just told me That he did not want to do it,
Katie Holmes in “The Dark Knight”
You cleaned your eyes in front of the screen, you did not really recognize Katie Holmes in “The Dark Knight” . For a simple reason, the lady who played Rachel Dawes in “Batman Begins” refused to rewrite, forcing the prod to replace her by Maggie Gyllenhaal . But why this refusal? Rumor has it that Tom Cruise, her husband at that time, would expressly ask her not to return there pure jealousy towards Christian Bale … But the most likely reason is that Katie Holmes refused the project to dedicate herself To the movie “Mad Money” , a comedy that made a mega-bide. This is what is known as having pif.
Alan Cumming in “X-Men: The Final Clash”
His interpretation of Diablo in “X-Men 2” had seduced the fans, and yet Alan Cumming did not want to hear about a possible participation in “X-Men 3: The Final Clash” . In fact: he did not want to relive the endless hours of makeup that his character requires, a hell Jennifer Lawrence had already complained for his character Mystique.
Keanu Reeves in “Speed ​​2”
If Sandra Bullock yielded to the sirens of a “Speed” sequel , Keanu Reeves saw the big trap arrive like a boat , as he recognized at Jimmy Kimmel: “Of course, I loved working with Jan de Bont and Sandra (Bullock) It’s just that when I got the script, I read it, my face did ‘ughhhhhh’, it was talking about a steamer … I thought ‘bus , Steamer, speed … but a steamer is much slower than a bus! ‘ In my mind it was understood, I had to tell them ‘I love you guys very much but I can not do that’ ” . Well he took it.
Crispin Glover in “Back to the Future 2”
The situation here is slightly different. If Crispin Glover aka George McFly is not in the cast of RVLF 2, it is because the man was no longer desired by the prod. A lot of reasons have been put forward to explain this rejection: he says he has quarreled with the director Robert Zemeckis for artistic disputes. Others say that the actor was mentally unstable. Finally, the most likely reason is that the guy would have been far too greedy level salary, claiming $ 1 million to resume his daron role in both suites . Ironically, he later pocketed 760,000 dollars by suing the studio because images of him from the first film were used in these same suites …