These actors were as passionate about the subject as you are about the rules of cricket

Cinema 16 January, 2017

They were content to do the taf and ensure their catch of the film, the rest, nothing to square. The intrigue, the subject treated, the classics of the genre: osef.
They can not be accused of zeal. And professional enough to have done the minimum union, we can not finally pin them to the pillory either. That is where they are strong! In addition, some have even assured and received positive criticism for their role. Maximize the result by minimizing the work you have done, which you have always done elsewhere.
Released recently, the film is not a frank success at the moment. Professionals as well as spectators were not excited by the adaptation of the video game, nor by the performance of the French actress in passing. Not close to Marion? Anyway, she confessed on the set of “Daily” that she had never played the game in question . Although it does not necessarily influence its performance, it fucks it badly and it is limited in terms of pro consciousness.
A real success of this end of year 2016, which will be discovered very soon in France, normally on January 25. Golden Globe nominations and a seemingly excellent Ryan Gosling. Singer and dancer in this musical comedy, the beautiful boy surprises and surprises. By cons, it has not impressed the reporter of the British station Magic FM when dried each question his knowledge quiz G on musicals . No good answer. Play, okay. Push the stuff, no thanks.
Interpreting Megatron, he quickly realized that it smelled the right plan to fuck as little as possible. But really the least. Obviously, he was not motivated to go see the other actors and the director on the set. Better, Hugo Weaving has never read the script nor actually met anybody in the film, talked quickly made with Michael Bay on Skype and … everything flared in two hours of studio. “I just told my text, I do not know what it means .” Bim bam boom, I balance my texts and I break. Besides, he does not hide: “It was an experience unimportant I did not care, I was not thinking..”
Convinced by Vin Diesel who dreamed of playing with her in her career, the actress actually did in the social. Attended by Vinny, she says yes but is not interested more than that in the trick. Worse, she was betting on even a failure . “I had absolutely no idea what was going on in the plot. I never watched the movie and I do not think many people have done so .” We do not know how much it touched to play Aereon, but thank you for this promotion of quality ..
Presented as a classic of the 7th art that must absolutely have seen, the film obviously did not please everyone. Already, some spectators blasé by the 3h58. Then to Leslie Howard, the English actor who played Ashley Wikes. The guy swung says he “hated the characters, costumes and had never seen the movie” . Well, that’s it. Last layer: “God help me if I ever read the book.” Thank you goodbye.
You remember Michel Muller on Canal + old-fashioned, “Would not invite him”? If he was still chronicling, he could have looked after Kanye West after his participation in Adam McKay’s film. In full preparation of an album, he took the opportunity to test their music and seek the views of people on the set . When officials cut the sound to shoot the scenes, he asked: “Hey, what’s up?” You feel the guy super invested. Ok, it was only a cameo in a scene but good, there is a minimum …
To believe that the films of superheroes already had important financial resources at the time, given the cast: Gene Hackman, Christopher Reeve, and so Marlon Brando. It was in 1978, long time ago. And despite the good little ticket touched, the American star tried to feint: he wanted Jor-El (his role, Superman’s father) to be a bagel, or a suitcase. In short, not a human what, he did not need to show up on the set . The director had to explain to him that it was necessary to respect the comic and the appearance of this personage, well and well human. Okay, ok, but no question of reading the script before. Marlon Brando read it during the scenes, taped on the body of his partner. We’re not far from the big wanker there. Other examples of actors who were not thoroughly in it?