When you stressed not having the time, relativise with these scenes of movies

Cinema 28 April, 2017

It is often hot to do everything in time and time, as we would like. And it also happens in movies, remember those moments.
Well, sometimes it’s also your fault when you’re persuaded to be able to do 6 things in 17 minutes before leaving home, for example … But there are also times when you really lack time, your best. And this is panic. You begin to sweat, to be imprecise, to let go insults … A feeling that you recognize in the characters in these films and scenes. Yes, spoiler, attention.
Neo calls the base (“Matrix”)
You see him tracing in the corridors, looking for the right room, the phone, in the virtual world where he had gone on a mission. For he must call the base, and the others pick up, to make him come back before it is too late . Genus before their ship is destroyed by the lasers of others … Pip: Agent Smith is waiting for him behind the door and the gun. Hop, Neo is late, it’s over. Except that he is the chosen one and that Trinity loves him …
When will the attack take place? (“Independence Day”)
From the beginning, we know that the White House will end up farting. But we stress anyway: when? The little genius with the spectacles (obviously) finally discovers it, and will warn the president of the final attack of the aliens . Well, the fine team can not save everyone but still has the job, while taking direct revenge.
The quest for the grail (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)
Emery Jones is canistering and the only way to heal him, to save him, is to get his hands on the grail. His son does his best but it is a galley. Obviously, despite the traps and all the brothel, Indy is there ! And when you think it’s good, it’s the temple that breaks its mouth and causes a new race against the clock. The guy has to sleep well after all this.
Returning home (“The crazy day of Ferrys Bueller”)
Lycée in wanker mode ++, Ferry spends his day with his minch ‘, walks and puts pressure on him to have to walk home before his parents and sister. And yes, it is not right at the end of the street, it would be too simple. The guy jumps his fences, runs, uses the trampoline of girl … and stops to dredge quickly makes two chicks tanning in their garden. With the little music that goes well in the background. A challenge that we all already knew, we will not lie.
Destruction of the system in case of emergency (“Alien”)
More or less naked, the crew decides to blow up their own ship to eliminate the aliens. No way to run, hide, or bar. So, even if you die, you can take the others with you too! To the kamikaze. Except that the girl who has to operate the emergency plan is a bit wedged by an alien and that the plan (already not top) is complicated even more for her, who wanted to quickly break after launching the operation. Finally, she manages, but in the dark, locked up, you become claustro bordel. And when you think that Ripley got away, bah finally it’s not safe …
One Chance on a Million (“Star Wars IV: A New Hope”)
There’s no twisting, it’s tense. Wrought up. The forces of the revolution must succeed in destroying the Black Star, and in front they will not let themselves go back like that! There is even Dark Vador himself who participates in the party. Finally, the only way is to explode the main reactor : an almost impossible shot. Luke sticks to it, in BG mode. Guided by the force, and Han Solo, he gets there the cunt! A phew scene, where beauty equals tension, with a beautiful finale as we love them.
The choice of Batman (“The Dark Knight”)
The bastard of Joker had planned everything. To get caught and locked up, to play with the nerves of Batman, to make him suffer by having to choose between Rachel and Harvey … The whole with two cargos full of people, ready to fart. And of course, a whore by sending her to Harvey instead of Rachel … And there, no time to save everyone. Hard. Which scene has most stressed you?