When you stressed not having the time, relativise with these scenes of movies

It is often hot to do everything in time and time, as we would like. And it also happens in movies, remember those moments.
Well, sometimes it's ...

28 April, 2017
Han Solo, A Star Wars Story: A new alien unveiled in video

What would a Star Wars movie be without its aliens? Exactly, the spin-off Han Solo should introduce at least one new extraterrestrial, which unveiled ...

24 April, 2017
LIFE – Unknown Origin: A space shutter panting, our critic!

A space ship, six crew members, a hostile extraterrestrial creature: we present you Life - Origin Unknown, today in the movies. Check out our review. ...

19 April, 2017
Alien Covenant: The Xenomorph threatens on a brand new poster

Alien Covenant unveils itself on a brand new poster on which appears a threatening Xenomorph and ... say drool!
If there is a return to the cinema ...

16 April, 2017
Yes you had already seen Tuco, and not it is not that a mexican villain more

The big uncontrollable of Breaking Bad seemed familiar to you without knowing why. Answer: Raymond Cruz has already turned quite a bit in recent ...

5 April, 2017
Alien Covenant: A link with Prometheus unveiled

Alien Covenant will of course be in connection with Prometheus, already realized by Ridley Scott. Many details come to teaser the connections between ...

2 April, 2017
Alien Covenant: Will Queen Alien Return?

The last poster of Alien Covenant was very pleasing to fans of the franchise. And for good reason: Queen Alien seems to make her return in this new ...

25 March, 2017
These movies where you want to shake an illogical character who makes crap

Like a friend you like and you see a bad decision, despite common sense. You shout: "No, but are you serious?"
It must have happened to you already. ...

24 February, 2017
Blade Runner 2049, Alien Covenant, Star Wars 8 … science fiction honored in 2017?

The year 2017 is likely to be strong in science fiction with the upcoming release of Blade Runner 2049, Alien Covenant and Star Wars 8!
The year ...

29 January, 2017
Passengers, Alien, Gravity … When being alone in space is not a part of pleasure

To find oneself alone in space, it is not always nice. Alien, Passengers, Gravity ... all these examples will prove to you that above the clouds, it ...

28 December, 2016
Star Wars, Suicide Squad, Deadpool … The most WTF replicas of 2016!

History of celebrating as it should the end of the year, we offer you a small list of the most wtf movie replicas of 2016. To tell you we had enough ...

26 December, 2016
Fiction, this fabulous way to bring together a human and alien OKLM

"Come on, we brainstorm, we swing ideas, no limit guys!" This is how these movies and series got there.
Guys who say with a knowing that "truth is ...

21 December, 2016