Fiction, this fabulous way to bring together a human and alien OKLM

Cinema 21 December, 2016

“Come on, we brainstorm, we swing ideas, no limit guys!” This is how these movies and series got there.
Guys who say with a knowing that “truth is stranger than fiction” have certainly not seen these films and series . Because seeing a human galocher, even fornicating, with an alien, perso I have never seen IRL as say geeks and fans of acronyms. Afterwards, I’m obviously not aware of all that happens on Earth, but hey, I still assume that it never happened. We’ve never seen such couples.
Captain James T.Kirk and Many Aliens (in “Star Trek”)
It is simple, the captain corresponds perfectly to the definition of casanova. It does not stop, it even becomes a running gag. T.Kirk even cumulates the alien conquests at the same time, which is never easy, even in fiction.
Lois Lane and Clark Kent / Superman (“Superman I”, “II”, “Man of Steel”, etc.)
The subject is quite evaded, as if it were normal. But the great reporter still leaves with a guy who comes from another planet, sorry to break the atmosphere. Of what to make the cabbages fat of a certain press normally.
Jake Sully and Neytiri (in “Avatar”)
When he is on Pandora, Jake meets Neytiri and gets dangerously close to her. While this is far from a good idea for the mission entrusted to him. In short, love is stronger than anything, it is known. The rabat-joie will say that it is only a dream, and we will answer it only by contempt.
Amy Wong and Kif Kroker (in “Futurama”)
Two special characters. Between Kif the profiteer and Amy the rotten-spoiled girl, we have two specimens. Together, it gives a complicated relationship in which they separate and recover together multiple times.
Greg Universe and Rose Quartz (in “Steven universe”)
The two meet at a Greg concert and it’s crazy love. Their mutual attraction is their biggest commonality, and that’s enough to make a good story. Rose even abandons her physical form to give birth to their son. We discover all this as we go, by flashback.
Valerie Gail and Mac (in “Earth Girls are easy”)
A band of aliens land in the home of a chick trying to tan by the edge of her swimming pool. In bikini, and rather well rolled. These jackals are all hot and only one will win the bet.
Jenny Hayden and Starman (in “Starman”)
Jenny is recently widowed when she finds a baby girl on the floor at home. Except that this baby grows and viellit by sight! And bim, that’s the double of her late husband. Finally, physically, because mentally it has nothing to do with it. So Jenny hates it, before enjoying it, then go to bed and make a baby. Let’s go …
Sil and full of humans (in “La mutante”)
Still a scientific experiment that takes a bizarre turn. Guys want to create a being that is similar to them, and obviously they lean for a woman. Slender, beautiful … The plan becomes complicated when it escapes, with an objective: to bring forth its progeny to destroy the humanity. So Sil (that’s his name) chained and did not show any fierce at all.
Mary-Lou and Thomas Jerome Newton (in “The Man Who Fell to Earth”)
An alien comes to Earth to find water, and drink a maximum. Basically. It may seem light, it’s true. So the screenwriters make it schoune meuf, history to discover all the pleasures of the human race. Mary-Lou gives her body and the rogue (David Bowie, by the way) does not say no. As long as his space vehicle is not ready, it is blocked anyway, so much kiffer.
Fred Kwan and Laliari (in “Galaxy Quest”)
A funny concept: the film features actors who did not break through after the Star Trek series and still live from their old role, with their costume, in conventions and stuff to the cunt. And when real extraterrestrials land and ask for their help, they kiffent. Especially Fred Kwan, who falls in love with one of the creatures. He rolls it in front of a colleague, they walk hand in hand in the corridors … It’s party. Come on, truth: who has ever dreamed of squeezing an alien (seen in movies and series eh)?