Gray’s Anatomy season 13: Episode 24, heroism according to Stephanie Edwards, our critic

Last night, the American channel ABC broadcast episode 24 of season 13 of Gray's Anatomy. Then discover our criticism of "Ring of Fire", the final ...

19 May, 2017
Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Jackson will be the “stupidity” of Maggie, the WTF Theory!

Jackson and Maggie are getting closer and closer! Will April's ex-husband be the "stupidity" of the cardiologist in season 13 of Gray's Anatomy?
In ...

8 April, 2017
The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Top 10 Most Unnecessary Characters in the Series

If Elena, Damon or Stefan marked a generation, other characters in The Vampire Diaries were useless. Discover our top 10 characters who would have ...

4 April, 2017
Without illicit products, how are these ideas of films born serious?

As they say: "think out of the box". You surprised me, well "out" there, nobody would have thought. And there was probably a reason, to tell the ...

30 March, 2017
One “did you know” very WTF on South Park, to stick to the series

Created by two friends a little stamped, the series "South Park" has already marked history with its history. About which, there are plenty of ...

7 March, 2017
The Walking Dead, Arrow, Empire, Gossip Girl: Top 10 series that have pulled too much on the rope with their fans!

If we are definitely fans of our favorite series, sometimes we must admit that some shoot straight on the rope and can then disappoint us as never! ...

18 January, 2017
Fiction, this fabulous way to bring together a human and alien OKLM

"Come on, we brainstorm, we swing ideas, no limit guys!" This is how these movies and series got there.
Guys who say with a knowing that "truth is ...

21 December, 2016