Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Jackson will be the “stupidity” of Maggie, the WTF Theory!

Cinema 8 April, 2017

Jackson and Maggie are getting closer and closer! Will April’s ex-husband be the “stupidity” of the cardiologist in season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy?
In our review of episode 19 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy, you were told that Japril and Merthan were in danger . As you probably know, Maggie has a crush for Nathan Riggs. The problem is that the latter prefers the sister of his boss, Meredith. If Alex’s best friend initially repulsed Riggs because of Maggie’s feelings, she finally let herself be seduced. However, Maggie has just lost her mother and is particularly fragile in season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy . Poor Riggs then caught a wind by Meredith who once again chose to protect her sister. But does Maggie still have feelings for the former brother-in- Owen? What if she really had Jackson? The two doctors are getting closer and closer in season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy . The plastic surgeon could then be the ” stupidity ” that Diane advised to do to Maggie! This is in any case the WTF rumor of the week!
We are not going to hide it, we love the complicity of Jackson and Maggie but we love the couple Japril ! Shonda Rhimes would have reconciled April and Jackson to finally finish their story and chain on a romance between the plastic surgeon and Maggie in season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy ? It’s hard to believe it! Maggie is already in the heart of a love triangle , why put it in a new? The cardiologist deserves a love story. In addition, if Maggie is to be a couple with Jackson, it is hoped that it will not be “stupidity” . Meredith’s sister may need to make mistakes but not with other doctors at the Gray-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Maggie suffered enough, Give him a little happiness Shonda! Before learning more about the future of the relationship between Jackson and Maggie, find out why all physicians will be in danger in the Season Finale of Gray’s Anatomy season 13 . And, in your opinion, is a romance between Maggie and Jackson possible in Gray’s Anatomy season?