Orphan Black season 5: Episode 2, SPOILER is sacrificing, our critic

Last night, BBC America was broadcasting episode 2 of season 5 of Orphan Black. What happened in "Clutch of Greed"? It's time to discover it and the ...

19 June, 2017
The 100 season 5: Soon a war between clans of Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia?

While we are still recovering from the end of season 4 of The 100, we are already wondering if a war awaits the characters in the sequel.
We ...

15 June, 2017
Fear The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 3, The Return of SPOILER, Our Critic

A few hours after the broadcast of "Teotwawki", we propose you our criticism of a surprising and decisive episode. Watch out for spoilers!
Last ...

12 June, 2017
The 100 season 5: 5 questions that the series will absolutely have to answer

Some time after the end of season 4 of The 100, return on the many questions that arise and to which season 5 will have to answer.
How did Clarke ...

5 June, 2017
The Originals Season 4: Season Finale, a huge sacrifice ahead for the Mikaelson

The Mikaelson could again lose a member of their family in the Season Finale of season 4 of The Originals whose synopsis tease a huge sacrifice. ...

2 June, 2017
Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell put their lives in danger for a photo!

To take a simple picture, Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend, Stella Maxwell, put their lives in jeopardy. The couple was very imprudent on this move ...

1 June, 2017
Gray’s Anatomy: Jackson, Webber, Amelia … will a main character die in season 14?

Months before the broadcast of Gray's Anatomy season 14 on ABC, we wonder who will not survive the next disasters that will affect the Gray Sloan ...

29 May, 2017
Reign Season 4: Episode 13, Death, Engagement and Escape, Our Critic

Check out our review of Episode 13 of Season 4 of Reign which aired last night on the American channel The CW. Warning, spoilers!
As expected, ...

21 May, 2017
Scandal season 6: Evil Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie, Bellamy Young confides in the rest of the series

The Season Final of Season 6 of Scandal has offered us twists of all kinds! Bellamy Young, the interpreter of Mellie, confides in the continuation of ...

20 May, 2017
Gray’s Anatomy Season 14: When Will It Be Broadcast?

It's already time to think about the sequel! When will we have the pleasure of meeting the doctors of Gray's Anatomy for a season 14?
We were ...

19 May, 2017
Gray’s Anatomy season 13: Episode 24, heroism according to Stephanie Edwards, our critic

Last night, the American channel ABC broadcast episode 24 of season 13 of Gray's Anatomy. Then discover our criticism of "Ring of Fire", the final ...

19 May, 2017
Reign season 4: Episode 13, what will happen?

Find out what's in store for Episode 13 of Reign's Season 4, which will air on May 19th on the US channel The CW.
At the end of Episode 12 of ...

16 May, 2017
Agents of SHIELD season 4: Episode 19, Phil Coulson is back, our critic

Yesterday evening a new episode of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD was broadcast on ABC. Check out our review of "All the Ladies' Men" and watch out for ...

27 April, 2017
Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Jackson will be the “stupidity” of Maggie, the WTF Theory!

Jackson and Maggie are getting closer and closer! Will April's ex-husband be the "stupidity" of the cardiologist in season 13 of Gray's Anatomy?
In ...

8 April, 2017
Gray’s Anatomy Season 13: Episode 19, Japril and Merthan in Danger? Our criticism

While Maggie mourned, she got closer to Jackson in episode 19 of season 13 of Gray's Anatomy. Check out our review of "What's Inside"!
Last week, ...

7 April, 2017
Kim Kardashian is putting her life in danger to get pregnant!

Kim Kardashian wants a new child and she is ready for anything to get pregnant ... even to put her life in danger!
Will the Kardashian / Jenner ...

31 March, 2017
The Walking Dead season 7: Episode 15, all the details of the plot

This article is for the curious little ones who can not wait for the episode 15 of season 7 of The Walking Dead. Warning, spoilers.
At the risk of ...

23 March, 2017
The Flash Season 3: Episode 15, SPOILER lost in Speedforce, our critic!

While the episode 15 of season 3 of The Flash has just been broadcast on the CW, let us return together on the main events that marked "The Wrath of ...

8 March, 2017
The Walking Dead season 7: Christian Serratos “Rosita could very easily put himself in danger of death”

This weekend melty was at the Walker Stalker Con in London and we had the pleasure of chatting with the talented
Christian Serratos who told us ...

6 March, 2017
The Vampire Diaries season 8: Episode 15, a magical wedding for Steroline, our review

Last night the American channel The CW broadcast episode 15 of season 8 of The Vampire Diaries. Then discover our review of "We're Planning a June ...

4 March, 2017
These movies where you want to shake an illogical character who makes crap

Like a friend you like and you see a bad decision, despite common sense. You shout: "No, but are you serious?"
It must have happened to you already. ...

24 February, 2017
The 100 Season 4: The final season script would have leaked and SPOILER dies!

First of all, pay attention to the spoilers! A script of the last episode of season 4 of The 100 would have leaked on the internet and you are told ...

4 February, 2017
The 100, The Flash, Powerless: The record of US audiences of the week!

Like every Saturday, it's time to take stock of the American audiences of your favorite series. So who's on top, who makes a flop? Discover it now! ...

4 February, 2017
Arrow season 5: Episode 10, SPOILER arrives and upsets the Team, our critic!

While Arrow 10's Season 5 episode aired last night on the CW, let's get back to the main events that have paced "Who are You?"
More disillusionment! ...

27 January, 2017
The Flash Season 3: Episode 10, the team is ready to do anything to save Iris, our critic!

While the episode 10 of season 3 of The Flash was broadcast last night on the CW, back on the main events that marked "Borrowing Problems From The ...

25 January, 2017
The 100 Season 4: Who is Ilan, the Grounder who could blame Clarke and Bellamy? (SPOILERS)

Less than a month before the release of Season 4 of The 100, a small return on a new mysterious character that could pose a danger for Clarke and ...

11 January, 2017
Game of Thrones season 7: SPOILER back to warn Daenerys and Jon of the danger in the North?

Winter is here! And the news of the shooting continues to announce today the return of a mysterious character ... Watch out for spoilers.

Winter ...

5 January, 2017
The Walking Dead season 8: Will Tara be present? (SPOILERS)

Speculation about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead continues and it is now Tara's interest and survival in season 7.
It almost goes around ...

4 January, 2017