The 100 season 5: 5 questions that the series will absolutely have to answer

Cinema 5 June, 2017

Some time after the end of season 4 of The 100, return on the many questions that arise and to which season 5 will have to answer.
How did Clarke survive the apocalypse? What will be the future of Bellamy in season 5 of The 100? The questions are more numerous after a hectic season and we still have many months before us to question the intrigues of the sequel. But it is hoped that Jason Rothenberg’s series will quickly answer some of the most crucial questions we have listed for you. Feel free to share your own questions in the comments below. The first answer we would like to have concerns the group in the bunker . How did they survive? Were there deaths during their six years of isolation? Between the fragile understanding between the different clans, The resources needed for 1200 people and the possible diseases and lack of equipment, it is possible that several people have not survived. One also wonders if Octavia has succeeded in imposing itself as leader and if everyone accepted his reign. In short, strongly that someone can unearth them for some answers.
Second question: what happened to the survivors in space? Since Clarke no longer has contact with either the bunker or the Ark, it is difficult to know whether they all survived as well. Did Bellamy, Raven, Monty and others succeed in gathering all the resources necessary for their survival? Did Echo manage to integrate despite her membership in Azgeda? Difficult to say and we hope to know more, either via the characters or via flashbacks in season 5. The third question concerns the ship that Clarke saw land . Who is inside? Could it be that other human beings survived the first apocalypse and remained in space without anyone being ‘ Report? Or did Raven and the others find another ship to return to Earth? In any case, the mystery remains as to the content of this vessel.
The fourth question is Madi . Who is the young Grounder whom Clarke has taken under his wing? Apart from her first name and the fact that she is a Nightblood, we know nothing about her. We assume in any case that his presence will have been saving for Clarke who would have struggled to survive for 6 years alone without going mad. It remains to be seen what his role will be in the future. Finally, fifth question: is the loop closed in The 100 ? Clarke is now a “Grounder”, she speaks Trigedaslang fluently and she watches a prisoner ship arrive on Earth, as hers with the 100 of years ago. In addition, other survivors are in a bunker similar to Mount Weather’s to survive, And the rest of the Sky People returned to the Ark to escape the nuclear apocalypse. Will Clarke this time be the defender of the Earth against the invaders of space? Not impossible … While waiting to get answers to all these questions, find out if you are unbeatable on the four seasons of The 100! And you, what questions do you ask?